Harris continues his non free will sure descent to free will hell

Mr Sam Harris published a non free will clarifier in his free will site of, I assume, his hilarious non free will articles on huff free will post. After naturally equating his non free will reasoning to some free will Einsteins’ (really) quotes,  he non freely concludes: ” But I am in no position to know why I make the effort in this instance but not in others. And why do my efforts cease precisely when they do? Now I feel that it is time for me to leave in any case. I’m hungry, yes, but it also seems like I’ve made my point. In fact, I can’t think of anything else to say on the subject. And where is the freedom on that(sic)?”

Obviously Mr Harris is non freely confused how the non free will “mind” works. I suggest he takes a vacation in a cool place and let his non free will brain rest a bit to get  the cogs and wheels working when his free willie decides to get the cogs and/or the wheels going.

Has Mr Harris been a non free will zombie all this time? Apparently he has been channeling a free will  someone.


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