A Chilean jesuit: Manuel Diaz Lacunza, and his extraordinary life..in exile

A surprising revelation via an unlikely source and an astonishing prediction (i mean if you take this stuff seriously)

“Lacunza believed – based on his reading of Bible prophecy – that during the period before the “day of the Lord” there would be a general apostasy of the Catholic Church which would make it part of the Antichrist. In this sense “the church” was not individuals, but “a moral body” composed of all the apostates and atheists. Naturally this view was especially controversial because it placed the official church on the wrong side in the final struggle between Good and Evil. It was this belief that finally brought about the Vatican’s condemnation of his work.” (around 1750). via wiki

Check out his book(s) available free online; Coming of  Messiah in glory and majesty, two volumes.

I have received many warm messages from atheists thanking me for having made apparent their purpose on earth: save us from damnation….jajajajajjajaj


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