The Guardian BEST 100 nonfiction fiction list: the selfish gene is fiction, not non fiction

Ah, the british! so anally retentive (some like it). The Guardian published a rather rancid list of the best, imagine, the best 100 nonficition books. Grow up: the best is written in spanish, mostly. The rest in sanskrit.

What they didnt say was that the list is mostly british authors loved by both, the ignorati and the itterati (I started counting, but got bored…and mad). Obviously. The best of the world. With a few, mind you,  token ‘affirmative action” spliced among the list: african (one), southamerican, one, (vargas llosa!!) and assorted nationalities and times. Is this like the MLB world series?

What really drives me around the bend though, is the fact The Guardian-the pinheads that manufacture the list-  qualifies “The selfish Gene” as a work of nonfiction. Nonfiction.


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