Dick being a Dick

Regarding the hilarious Rebecca Watson 4 am elevator incident at an atheist/humanist something workshop, Richard Dawkins, the n 1 atheist Dick has  gotten plenty of well deserved a “shitstorm” (new atheist term, i think): In the well visited Forty shades of grey (her hair i assume) atheist blog : “……Dawkins for being the out-of touch old git that he so clearly is, and moved on. But then other commenters got involved and twisted Watson’s statement into something it clearly wasn’t intended as”.

Typically, many  acolytes are jumping ship. Many are trying to save Dicks face; Miranda and fleas on wheels notoriously subservient to outsourced ideas. Impossible: the guy is an old git. Amazing how many can suck some much Dick. But it could be that Dawkins didnt write the comment at other Dicks’ blog (pharyngula). Or he is a short “pompous pustule” as one of his converts portrayed him. I read some of the exchanges, so baroque and right down silly.

I got curious and found a picture of Watson: she is not pretty. (I think the whole thing could be made up and intent to get attention about 4 am boozed up elevator workshop bored attendees).


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