The Dickization of Dick

After calling Dawkins a Dick, Tracy Clark-Flory, at Salon writes (this is the watson 4 am ‘affaire’: completely inane by the way):

“Who knew Dawkins had such flair for creative writing — and for being a dick? OK, so, many people had already concluded the latter from his atheistic pomp — but, being an arrogant nonbeliever myself, I resisted such a reading of him until now. He’s of course correct that there are much worse things going on in the world, but that’s a crap rhetorical move meant to belittle and silence. It’s an argument that could be easily made against Dawkins’ own work: Why are you arguing over whether God exists while children are starving in Africa?”


I know why: Dick is a capitalist imperialist  scientist pig. This brings in another CIP (not a scientist): Dick Cheney. Today in an interview at WSJ he hails american (sic) medicine for saving his life from  half a dozen heart attacks. Evolutionary speaking Dick is in the wrong side of natural selection. I meant Dick2, but thinking it over, both 1 & 2 are on the wrong side.



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