Not a sad sack

At Tablet, Shalom Auslander, divagates about the future (and past) of his  Sad Sack scrotum(the Daily Dish at the Daily Beast, obviously comments).

 “My wife suggests it’s just a fear of aging, and there’s something to be said for that. I drink my Liquid Greens every morning, I ride my bicycle…”…”My shrink suggests this has to do with my finishing my novel; that 41 is still young, and that my obsessing about death is simply a manifestation of guilt”. There are several ruminations to possible, unlikely, mutilation.

I dont find his Sad Sack particularly funny (actually rather sad, no pun intended), but I find it perfectly fit with the fixation  american males have with their scrotum. I think the american scrotum never found its place in history because of boxer shorts (but in severely analyzed porn flicks women find scrotum delectable, it seems, and that should be enough fuel to forget it).

Shalom could experiment with a new career as a castrati, and sing too.


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