Evolutionary hysterically hysterics (rather the mechanisms of natural selection)

I was deciding whether to laugh or cry, or both, watching a Planet of the Apes promotional video, in which an atheist  AK47 toting chimp (a chimp must be atheist) sprays bullets to some laughing soldiers mocking him. Allegedly many fell for the video, I mean they thought it was true. It evolved a cool evolutionary landscape in my sick twisted mind: I finally laughed, against the grain. It is so freaking funny. (if i knew how to embed I would share the video but the best i do is link here. http://youtu.be/at5l_rpv4ls

 Which  isnt funny, well kinda it is, is the notorious atheist stampede closing or leaving the  ranks with  Dawkins, regarding his rant against Ms Watson. Being an atheist doesnt exempt you-him- from being a misogynyst, or a male chauvinist britpig , the worst kind. Funny to see all the hand wrigging, insufferable rationalizing and blood letting of the atheists cadres. The dick sucking level is shameful.  The atheistsphere is better than a godless foxnews ranting episode. And Im not even counting Murdoch. And this thing about free will….for crissake read the books, you are 100 years late..at least. In a lucid post, Sean at Cosmic Varuance..:     “Jerry Coyne has been discussing the issue with Eric MacDonald in a series of posts (further links therein). Russell Blackford writes a long post that he promises isn’t the post he will eventually write, David Eagleman has an article in the Atlantic, and Zach Weiner also chimes in. So we have a biologist studying theology, an ex-Anglican priest turned agnostic, a philosopher and neuroscientist both of whom write science fiction, and a webcartoonist studying physics. That constitutes a reasonable (really??) spectrum of opinion (oh yeah?? i would add: a dogmatic biologist, a former priest barking at the wrong trees for the right to kill (well assited “suicide”)). Still, what discussion of reality is complete without a cosmologist chiming in?”

Yes he is right, physicists, USUALLY have a sobering insight. Freeman Dyson thinks all decent ideas come from them. After reading Coyne et al. I will read less biologists.


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