Unstoppable stupid media…narrative: The WSJ Bret Stephens sprays everybody, including them.

“As for News of the World, the media has alighted on one of its convenient little narratives, this one about the all-powerful media mogul, his lidless eyes gazing over every corner, closet and cellar of his empire, his obedient minions debasing everything they touch. That this media Sauron has now begged forgiveness of the Dowler family, shut the offending paper down and accepted the resignations of his top lieutenants hardly seems to have made an impression. But as someone noted recently in connection to L’Affaire DSK, few things are as unstoppable—or as prone to error—as a stupid media narrative. It’s probably inevitable that this column will be read in some quarters as shilling for Rupert Murdoch (EXACTLY!!!). Not at all: I have nothing but contempt for the hack journalism practiced by some of the Murdoch titles. But my contempt goes double for the self-appointed media paragons who saw little amiss with Mr. Assange and those who made common cause with him, and who now hypocritically talk about decency and standards. Their day of reckoning is yet to come.”


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