Glitterati irrelevance?

Fueled by the sad outcome of Dr Hauser saga (all to do with rigor in behaviour and science) and by a WSJ (yesterday) ranting by Naomi Schaefer Riley : “Academias’ crisis of irrelevance”, I did a quickie survey of the intellectual and logical rigor of some blog posts that usually I read;

John Hawks : “As I wrote last month, the origin of Homo is by far the most interesting problem in human evolution right now..” duh…….

De Dora at Rationally speaking: ” economics cannot be divorced from morality because one’s values determine which economic structure he or she prefers. There are no such things as purely economic ends divorced from all other ends because economic decisions are made based on moral values. They also have a moral impact on other people.”…..duh…

And that was my quickie survey. I had a very early gin and tonic to mitigate the pain.

Via Scientific Blogging (Fred Phillips) I became aware a dreadful oped at CHE by some Richard Vedder : ” John C. Nelson of Moody’s put it well regarding faculty productivity: “That is the last big area where there are really material efficiencies” to be gained. While I believe there are some big savings obtainable by reducing bloat in other areas–especially the administrative bureaucracy, the CFO’s.”

Particularly for small Tribal and community colleges administration  has killed education at large. The negative impact will be felt later in scarser research funds (negligible), especially if, God forbid, Obama losses…….The only buffer between self thinking pedagogues and robots in small community colleges. Which by the way applies in different spacetime scales to mainstream, status quo organizations. The same Vedder has argued against Black Colleges. Take a hike Vedder.


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