Breaching Life

Lucian Freud died at 88, of a brief illness (sic) the same week that Amy Winehouse, 27, died of allegedly, a brief overdose. In diffent metrics, both were brilliant and powerful in their art. Resplandescent.

 Lucian sailed thru-no doubt rough oceans- life and arrived to death port without breaching his “physical” life; Amy arrived to death port without sailing. Naked man as Freud, imprinted  his canvas with all his rawness and depth.

lucian freud as amy

Lucian and Amy lived “extraordinary’ (sensu nonordinary) lives. In the voice of Alicia Alonso, the phenomenal cuban prima ballerina assoluta, choreographer and ballet director when asked if she was happy” Happy? Whats happy? I do-I live-ballet: thats life. She is like a 100 years old. Somehow Alonso survived herself, so did Freud, who lived dangerously and painted away. Amy Winehouse is-was- a Freuds’ painting.  Genuine, shocking and overwhelming. She breached her life. The other two breached life.

Amy as Lucian

One can contemplate Freuds’ death without cringing. One can contemplate Winehouse’s death but cringing, recoiling to the monstrous aberration of death uninvited.

Somebody mentioned that Keith Richards and Eric Clapton had close calls, both heroin addicted, what save them? NOT themselves.


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