Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

I always found Jared Diamond a bit rimbombastic (pompously bombastic) and wrong in many issues and assumptions. My worst, or best, chip in the shoulder was his conjecture about the demise of Rapa-Nui “culture(s)” (it made my blood boil with noble rage).  But now, at the WSJ,  Charles C. Mann, of 1491, and now 1493, reviews,  Hunt and Lipo: “The statues that walked” in which the claim is: “It was a rat that caused the sudden collapse of Easter Island’s civilization.” Dont blame the natives. OK?


not bad for a decimated island

“Today Easter Island is bouncing back, its boom driven in part by eco-tourists who want to see humankind’s most famous environmental catastrophe. Tourists should indeed come to this fascinating place. But this clear and provocative book suggests that the lessons it teaches may have nothing to do with ecological failure.”

Chupate esa Diamond: me cais mal. It would be cool to watch his theories go down one by one: especially his “position” on the megafauna extinction in North America, attributed to who else? the Natives.” The english speaking white bias against original cultures is obscene and unfounded.


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  1. Louise Roy Says:

    Thanks! My next destination on Nov. 2011.

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