The LSC (large sex collider) and bears….and milfs…..and The Rigor in Science

Funny and somehow tragic that I forgot to insert the opening paragraph of this post. I was consumed by the absolutely dumb reflections and conclusions of Og & Gad ‘study”.  As it happens, ne of my weekly torture sessions include reading the Economist; in their July 22-26 issue there was a review of Christopher Turner:  “Adventures of the Orgasmatrom”, which prompted me to revisit the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, an influential Freuds’ disciple on USA literatti and sex culture of the 60/70s, kinda worldwide.  How repressively sexual this country was and  is and  remains despite of what appears to be an open society, with the Internet and else. On top of everything WR died in prison and his books burned by the FDA.? Burnt??

On an age of relentless sex exposure, Wesley Wag, a judicious person, reviews ‘ A billion wicked thoughts’  by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam in July 31st NYT.  The same had been reviewed at Salon by Clark-Flory earlier in May and had Dr Og interviewed and many others have talked about the “findings” on the Og/Gad couple,  but Wag remained overtly friendly to this monstrous piece of sexual crap.

Clark-Flory: “The researchers wrote a computer program to capture sexual queries in publicly listed catalogs of Web searches. They later categorized the searches and did some number crunching. They estimate that their research reflects the online behavior of 100 million people. The survey also avoids the usual guinea pigs: undergrads looking for college credit. There are limitations to this mode of sex research, though. The results reflect people’s fantasies — not necessarily sexual acts that they engage in. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that this data exposes the erotic minds of those who seek out titillation on the Web; we don’t hear from those who explore their sexual imagination offline.” Great idea actually, badly executed though.

For example, when asked: Which of your findings were most interesting? Dr Og goes : “Well, we all know that male and female sexuality are different (great insight!! right??), but just comparing male erotica and female erotica, you really see how vastly different they are. The other interesting thing was how similar gay men and straight men are. We only found two significant differences between gay male sexuality and straight male sexuality. One, of course, is that gay men like men  ( I cant stop laughing at this). The other is that gay men are more likely to enjoy the sexually submissive role than straight men. But other than that, their sexual behaviors and interests online are virtually identical, and moreover: How so? ‘It turns out that straight men’s sexual interest parallels gay men’s sexual interest. For example, there are overweight women, which are called BBWs in straight porn; in gay porn there are “bears,” which are big, burly guys (ok…so…gay men like bears, big fat greasy rednecks and straight guys like big fat greasy rednecks…??). Just like there are MILFs for straight men, there are DILFs or daddies for gay men. There are “grannies” for straight men and “grandpas” for gay guys. The biggest interest for straight guys is teens and the biggest interest among gay guys is “twinks,” which are basically teens. The body parts most preferred by both are chests, butts and feet. And both gay guys and straight guys love penises.” (oh really??…). But afterI read what follows underneath, at Ogs’ blog at Pschy Today, I gave up trying to understand this nonsense: “Women everywhere are asking, What are men like Congressman Weiner, Brett Favre, Greg Oden, and Kanye West thinking when they send us photos of their manhood? The answer is that men aren’t thinking at all, they’re compelled by an unconscious, evolutionary urge inherited from our primate ancestors: male monkeys and apes routinely display their penis to females to indicate sexual interest. In other words, it’s a very natural urge; of course, so is burping, but most men are able to restrain their sonorous belches around the ladies.” Take a hike Og….and you too Gad. disclaimer: I couldnt go through the whole bs.


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