Bruni at NYT, is full of it, completely.

F. Bruni at NYT is full of it. He dispenses such an obtuse delivery:

‘To get us out of this mess (he means the country, globally involved in a global mess) we need a full range of extant remedies, a tireless search for new ones and the nimbleness and open-mindedness to evaluate progress dispassionately and adapt our strategy accordingly. Faith and prayer just won’t cut it (he alludes to The Response, Perrys’ 30k    praying session for  a country in crisis? And rain?  I assume).In fact, they’ll get in the way.”

one type of response

Which extant remedies; which ‘to adapt strategies’? faith and prayer wont cut it?…how do you know Bruni? .  As of the economy, things will get worse, if possible, but if it rains in TX, Bruni should shut up. Incidentally,  he takes a pass at Hanks:  “C. Wilsons’ war”, which happens to be, maybe one of the most decent movies Hanks has made, not very many at that (except for the movie where he becomes older and then back younger  again).

Bruni advances zero advice, so, in the face of the same that besieges whom he critisises so abundantly, please shut up. In the strife for being ingenious in the media circus……

another response: aaron nagel art


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