The Universe “created” itself.

The Discovery channel has this new series: Curiosity (they made need new blood at creative dept). In the first program we are informed by Hawking (again) that the Universe created itself, actually came unto being (questionable assertion) from…well..nobody has the slightest idea. Not even Hawking (i think he is a little gaga). Talk about magical thinking; he should downgrade humself to C-.

this is the universe

verbatim from the synthesizer (i think(:

“…the universe likely “popped into existence without violating the known laws of Nature,” he says. Nothing created the universe, so in his view there was no need for a creator. That is his explanation for “why there is something rather than nothing.””

Forgot to mention that the show didnt contribute anything worth to the current state of knowledge or insight. Boring and repititous.


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