Ape genius? exactly (not)

Last night, I watched “Ape Genius” NOVA stint on chimps’ intelligence or not (as they called it, the pundits). Andrew Whiten and Jill Pruetz told us about the “unseen” chimp behavioural traits observed by them (not sure if it only Pruetz did this) after years of observation. Actually, many of these behaviours have been seen (maybe not filmed).

And what is so special about a chimp taking a bath? or using a stick to ‘spear a bush baby? Chimps using sticks to fish termites? Or japanese monkeys washing potatoes AND taking a jacuzzi, a warm one at that? Didnt we see dogs fighting sharks after taking a dive unto the ocean,  recently? Or more astounding:  Ampulex compressa, the gree latern(kiddin) wasp delivering a “drone” like injection into the subesophogeal ganglion in the head of a roach to “zombie” her, i think a specific neuron, and lay eggs and have progeny eat the roach inside out alive?. Mother nature red in..sting and..roach.

About how wonderfully human-smart like these chimps are, in reality they look crude and dumb and frightening.(despite americans’ manifest love for circus that had a poor woman bitten of her face, now transplanted).

train a chimp to do this....

Whats the objective behind these studies? I mean really. To understand how close we are to them chimps, or viceversa? Dont we  know this already? And on top: the poor and cruel conditions scientists keep chimps for research: how different is this from a concentration camp? It seems to me chimps are stuck on the wrong end of the evolutionary bush.

I much rather watch hummings’ dashing acrobatics of life; I much rather be a closer relative to a spider silk user for nest construction minimal refulgent weight. That is:hummingbirds!!


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