The Darkages: Musings on superluminal dickheads (what do you call a dickead going faster than C?: a retard….)

Todays’ WSJ edition is particularly sad and outrageous:  read it. Sarah Palin: the patriot? CChristie, the impecable fatman resting his case? (he is a loudmouth); an opinion deranged climate change diatribe written by a teapartier, how CO2 is good for us…….? The WSJ is sinking to new lows. There is always a darker hole down for the WSJ.

And so many overly optimistic books about the secular (atheist) bright technofuture of a mostly religious humankind: we are in a roller coaster of progress, peace (a republican secular peace?) and else.  The last one (book) is  Pinkers’:  “The better angels of us..blablahblah” , that is, how science and secularism are eliminating war, widespread murder, assassinations, barbarian traditions, say war of dominations, drone bombing, democratic uprisings, Wall streeters, and delivering a peaceful better world…gasp….he is nuts. (yeah baby: the spring has come to USA, you like it?)

 (Whats with titles of capitalistatheists’ new books anyways: “The magic of reality”(Dawkins), which  looks suspiciously built upon Nerudas’, “The book of questions” (the magic?) ;  Graylings’ total flop: The good book, a secular bible? A secular bible?)

And others that evade my yawning. But the “better angels” (or he meant a better angle?) beats them all. He actually argues we live in a peaceful era, compared to the worst past. How so? because of  perception, he contends?

(By the way, I watched Dawkins being bullied by O’Really. Why any decent normal human would seat with Horrible Bill? Dawkins looked intimidated…and old. Despite the facecake (obviously he is selling the goddam magic))

saint jobs

 In any case, Elizabeth Kolbert at the New Yorker thouroughly deguts(?) (eviscerates) Pinker and makes morcillas (prietas) with his angels.( One thing Pinker has is this  Chopra quality to never shut up, or never stop writing, and will induce a drugtonic state in his captive audience and then, he SEEMS or reads coherently).  Harris (another Chopras’ alter ego) thinks Pinker is an influential scientist and interviewed him (Pinker),  so does Coyne who(m?) elevates Pinker to a holy status (Coyne was recently butchered by none other than Andrew the Dish Sullivan, in reference to Coyne being a dickhead  with his tedious dissection of the Bible-literal meanings: nothing better than an atheist to tell a believer what to believe in. This Coynehead goes apopletic with this stuff. (Relax Coyne, youll be remembered by freeing thousands of fruit flies somewhere in the desert to meet their fate). (it is like these guys pump each other up).

We live dark fast superluminal times. (I still like faster than the sped of light better) All forces of evil are loose. Dickhead scientists, dickheaded newspapers, dickheaded wall street, dickeheaded candidates, dickheads left and right.

But on account he went to buddhist paradise, lets pray to his holiness steve jobs for grace and atonement. (or leave your ipad at your closest apple store for a refund). ..sigh


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