As the world becomes paradise, joy in Libya…..yeah right (we are getting smarter)

galileos' armillary

If you watched-with horror-the video of whatever happened to Gaddafi being dragged before or after being killed, youll also watch  that the claims of widespread joy in Lybia are completely bogus? The same ones that heralded theArab spring -my ass-now herald joy in Libya.  It is arab people with no hope, recreating  themselves thru death and misery to more misery and death, until it stops.  But it wont. There are many (all?) overadrenalized fighters running wild asking : what the fuk do we do now? Of course nobody has any idea. The death of Gaddafi consolidates the end of the postcolonial cycle of these former territories administered by  european benefactors countries that left Lybia and the whole East in shambles. And it will go on. Look at Egypt. I pray nothing worst happens to Israel, Palestine, but I doubt it. Iran may blow up and/or Pakistan bombs the hell out of everybody else: those nies are nuts.

Oh but let us  no worry, the world is a safer place now, we gotten smarter, according to Pinker. Just read his paper, in Nature, announcing his book which claims we are getting smarter as a species, I assume. Or is he talking about white men? He is a racialist.  Are we getting smarter? as measured by IQ tests that Pinker endorses (what a prick). His arguments are so silly I just have a terrible time dealing with this corrupt trumpeting of “data” and higlighting till no more, the de novo enlightnment, of course driven by Pinker and others. (arghhhh).

Goes Kim: “Not to wory, sahib we are fine” , just fine. drinking imported british tea made in China. (before Ceylan).


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