As the world turns and burns: referees and results

Angelica Kvieczynski Brazil awesomish performance robbed

UPDATE: I been proven wrong: ESPN journalists F. Schwartz and another-dont recall his name-explicitly stated today that Mexico second goal against Ecuador was illegally scored with an albeit, involuntary, full right hand. Thanks Mr Schwartz,  I stand corrected. Always knew you were a decent mexican.

Watching the “Pan-American games” being held in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico that is, in case you dont know geography ( I have been asked : “where in MX is Chile (the country)”?, to which I answered:” Chile is in South america, MX is right  south of the US border”. Just to be retorted; “Yeah I know, so where is it ?” True story). Ignorant hominids. 

I witnessed an obviously biased judging of the women’s gymnastics’ competition.It was evident even to non” specialists’-me- that the brazilian girl, Angelica Kviecznski was the best. The mexican darling Cynthia Valdez was heavily favoured by tapatios and referees alike, reflected in her scores. It happens that the mexican girl needs a wild card for the 2012 olympics. Whatever the story, I’m surprised more than the usual, by the absolute silence of the ESPN en espanhol and other TV chains broadcasting the event, regarding the refereeing. Especially repugnant is the ESPN coverage lead by mexicans and their Argentinian courtiers. Last night the mexican soccer team won with a blatant handball, judged legal by commentators!!. No surprise here since Thierry Henry sent France to the world cup 2010,  with one masterful handball, surpassed only by Maradonas’ “hand of God”. Suck it up Brits!

the non God Hand

The Henry episode has been buried in ignominy, Maradonas’ is legend.

Im completely amazed witnessing more and more blatant  calls not only in the cases I have mentioned, but also in european soccer leagues, UEFA champions league, NBA, NFL college sports, so forth. It gives sports a sour edge,taking the wonderfulness of the pursuit of, really, nothing but greatness, away from the action. While writing this, at the Guardian a very rambling piece, by Paul Wilson,  ramblier than this, addresses the question of refereeing at the rugby world cup and also the LFP.

It strikes me as the inevitable zeitgeist this overt complicity and silence of all involved. The greater economic interest prevails. Nothing new, but true nonetheless. It sucks. It could there be a time that the thrill of watching will be predicting what the refs do (remember Galarraga,  u fat umpire jerk?).


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