After all….wouldnt it be really american to elect a pizza/man as president ? The Loverboy Cain legend.

An argument for Loverboy Cain:

The impact that pizza has in american history and life,  I suggest, makes  it totally appropriate to have a pizza man as president. The american pizza dream. (however the only black delivery boy i have ever seen is Spike Lee)

Movies have realistically shown pizzas’ relevance and centrality to the american way of life: Mystic Pizza  (what a bore), Loverboy, oops: i actually loved it. Spiderman2, urgh, Fat pizza, Do the right thing, Fast times at some high school (Sean Penn), The Jerk, Tony Manero stuffing himself And many others that thankfully, I forget.

As someone said: “Like sex, pizza is good even when is bad” (for men that usually climax)


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