Victoria Bekiempis at the guardian: The Cowboy in crisis.

Ms Biekempis has written a delightful piece about “american males”. Probably she is persona non grata from Texas onwards.

“The stereotypical American male is a rugged individualist. He values family and faith, and does honest, manual work to provide for his loved ones and his community.” (right: ask Chaz Bono, who is not even a male)

“This American male relishes the great outdoors – an untamed, manly realm where he and other like-minded dudes appreciate natural beauty by shooting wild animals and angling over-fished rivers. Even his more cosmopolitan, white-collar counterparts – whom “true” American males dismiss as effete and over-educated – aspire to this aesthetic, and will pay large sums of money for jaunts to “dude ranches”, high-end camping trips and garages full of tools they never use. This American male – ever a fan of plaid shirts, woodsy aftershave, rare steak and domestic beer – views red-blooded gunslingers such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood as role models, toward which “real men” should aspire. 

 This American male is also irrelevant.”  Precious.

The relevant american male is half black, big ears and shrewd. More than we realize. I made a comment suggesting the Machiavellian angle to Baracks’ presidential behaviour. Today at the NYT, Friedmans’ calls the president: Barack Kissinger Obama. He intended to highlight the shrewd nature of Barack foreign policies, but he forgets Kissinger is a war criminal. I will stick to my Machiavellian analogy. Take note Friedman, please.


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