A vengeful people: la venganza es mala, mata el alma y la envenena. El chapulin colorado, mexican heroe.

Vengeance, revenge, is violent business, and equalizes perpetrators and victims in the irreversible space of death. International revenge is tricky business, it involves: history-unknown for most- countries, philosophies and real people willing to exercise “revenge” by sanctioning the moral right to validate the killing of the perpetrator-now vicitm-; a deserving fate. American Indian women I have met told me: “dont get mad, get even”: perfect vengeance. Vengeance, it has been said it is best served cold and inflicted a posteriori. However, our addicition to morally sanction the world without us in the equation sends us in a slippery moral slope.  Should we be surprised by, say, Sebag Montefiores’ article in the NYT declaring that Gaddafi got what he deserved. That is, allegedly, being raped,  and nonallegedly shot? My answer is no. And being enough reasons to execute Gaddafi, according to many, is what makes Sebag’s position truculent and a cold calculation that emerges his conclusion. Although Sebag M is british, he represents a common stance of enlightened neocons arguing for a reason-based, cellular equivalent of morality, which of course is as of today, non existent. And this cellular morality enacts itself in the just killing-of Gaddafi-and the written vengeful opinion supporting it. (De Dora at RSpeking keeps pontificating about a morally based law (as if it had not been all along the purpose of the legislator)).

portmans beautiful face behind the mask

 Should we be surprised that Krauthammer at the WP says the same thing? And much worst: “So he was killed by his captors. Big deal. So was Mussolini. So were the Ceausescus. They deserved far worse. As did Gaddafi. In a world of perfect justice, this Caligula should have suffered far more, far longer. He inflicted unimaginable suffering upon thousands. What did he suffer? Perhaps an hour of torment and a shot through the head. By any standard of cosmic justice, that’s mercy. Moreover, Gaddafi’s sorry end has one major virtue: deterrence-On the contrary: there is good evidence that the effect may be the opposite-You are a murderous dictator with a rebellion on your hands. You have a choice. Relinquish power and spare your country further agony, and you can then live out your days like Amin — or like a more contemporary Saudi guest, Tunisia’s Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Otherwise, you die like Gaddafi, dragged from a stinking sewer pipe, abused, taunted and shot. It’s not pretty. But it’s a precedent. And a salutary one-rathammer, what are you on??? One that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, for example, might contemplate. Continue to fight and kill, and expect thereafter no belated offers of asylum — not even the due process of a long, talky judicial proceeding in The Hague with a nice comfy cell, three meals a day and the consoling certainty that your captors practice none of your specialties: torture and summary execution. Call it the Gaddafi Rule: Give it up and go, or one day find death by “Libyan crossfire.” Followed by a Libyan state funeral. That’s when you lie on public view for four days, half-naked in a meat locker.” 

no contaban con mi astucia

Krauthammer is beyond bigotry; dont forget you are part of the establishment that allowed Gaddafi in the first place. And part of the politburo that advised on foreign policy for a long time. To advance an opinion like this, you must pass a consistency morality check. You cant possibly pass it, Kraut.

The same bigotry you inflict in the world you inflict upon your fellow citizens with your discourse of hate, privilege and revenge.


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