Update on vengeance: the Madoffs’ and the infamous Zombie poster

UPDATE: Arianna Huffington writes today at HuffPost about the punitive society we have become.

Despite the fact that many say: the Madoffs’ are not us, I suggest this is not true. On the contrary: the Madoffs’ obviously represent a set of NYC  high income of a particular background launched in this monumental shakspearian saga, beyond Shakespeare himself. Talk about revenge: the victims are rabid. Wouldnt I be?

I have watched some of the family’s interviews with a contracted gut and a sense of inmense loss impossible to capture. The surviving son, Andrew, manifests that he will not forgive his father, he wont speak to him, he wont visit him in jail, and that he doesnt understand whay he manufactured the most successful-until he was caught-Ponzi scheme, except for social security, according to Perry. The whole country and in particular, his own kind, have been relentless in enacting “revenge” not only on Bernie himself, but in all his family (one son hanged himself).  Your worst enemies are closest to you until they turn on you. Like chimps eating their kind.

 More often than not, ‘public opinion”, takes a terrifying “vengeful”  stand to what they perceive as unjust, unfair, or illegal , even if it isnt true in the long run. Would change the public judgment if it was found that BM is a “financial sociopath” (possibly a psycopath), kind of a serial embezzler? Probably not: a favourite approach in US society is to punish by enforcing vengeful “though love”: families and the whole society- exemplified in the astonishing numbers of jailed people. No mercy, no prisoners, an eye for an eye. And consider that Pinker argued we live in a peaceful world, thanks to reason or ‘lawful” revenge?

In NM,  Kent Kiehl does important research in sociopathy (as distinguished from psycopathy) and todays’ NYT brings a profile and inteview with M Gazzaniga regarding brain/behaviour/”free-will/law, in which he raises the idea that a social contract supersedes “innate” brain-in autopilot physiology,-emerging a framework to circumvent the “free will” -or not, side of human behaviour.

the revenge of the KKK

So before you jump on the perpetrator, think twice. Or think (read Gazaniga). Revenge doesnt work in the long run. The white right worst wing of this country will never forgive the “others” electing Barack: all over the world now circulates a bewildring poster of a zombie BO with a bullet hole in his  forehead.  Many are, Ill bet, secretly enjoying this attack. The revenge of the right at its worst.


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