Rightgeous outrage now that we dont have sitting ducks? wait..it is horsing around…..

URGENT UPDATE Tuesday 15: Sandusky lawyer claims there wasnt rape!!!. The “alleged” victim has a different account than the one made by the “graduate assistant”. Ok this is weird. Lets wait. Among all these goddam liers, lawyers, pedophiles and Penn State, Bob Costas? They deserve each other . Go to hell.

As i argued before, I feel that the needed moral righteous  outrage to deal with the Penn State debacle, Cains’ explicable blonde pursuit (remember Thomas) and witnessing the horrible spectacle-debacle-of GOP “debates”,  is absent. I should add that the-Cains- dumb muslim comment add insult to injury to the Hermits’ dangerous position. Im still holding the idea that Cain is gone by this weekend. Wait..wait..Cain was probably horsing around with the ladies, that is what we all did, wasnt it??

the pinko duck

 I suggest what happens  reflects the hidden nature of our true zeitgeist: one i would say of painful despair that raises anger.

How else to explain the rioting of Penn State students? Or the silence of those that lead the charge against the Catholic Church? (especially the shouting atheists) Or the silence and smirking at the women that accused Cain? Hermits’ wife states that she “cant believe the accusations because the block had to have multiple personalities” To what I say: PRECISELY, lady. You dont know the perverted.

And the GOP hopefuls endorse ‘enhanced interrogation” (wtf is this?) and waterboarding just to be reminded by the expert himself that IT is torture.?? Sad, dangerous, inexplicable.


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