Ethical populism by a philosopherito.

Pete Singer is a guru philosopherito followed and admired by atheists, self appointed skeptics and varieties of thinkers disguised as high octane, high power torque ‘commentators of reality and extra dimensions. He endorses among other, loving and having sex with animals, including cetaceans, if you dont kill them, or, given the size of their appariti you dont get blown in th process of enjoying this transhuman orgasmic experience. Also, he has argued for the equivalent  rights for animals and humans, which is ok to a phylogenetic reasonable point. All this based on a utilitarian, neorationalist, neocapaitalist so called rational-scientific-platform much quoted by Pinker, Dennett, Coyne, eugenics advocates and others. Some called this scientific capitalism.

m. brenner making out with dolly

Some of  his arguments are propounded by others based on legitimate merits having nothing to do with the fact you have to be an atheist to be rational.

 Now he argues for the prohibition of cigarretes; world wide mind you. Again, the thing is here to make it look like a perfectly reasonable rational argument.

MY POINT: this is a moving target. A sitting dead duck. Why? because the tobacco “industry” is-now- an easy target, like the catholic church. They cant put up a fight. Tobacco paid all our alcohol, gambling, sexual perversions and environmental polluting ways. I would argue for a long, long time. Is this good? Not really. Remember Prohibition? Probably not, cause we were not around. But we are all aware of the side effects it produced.

And talking about alcohol: where is the rationalist/atheist outrage for all the alcohol related deaths? And talking about a difficult target: sexual childrens’ assault and abuse, pervasive in this society, and maybe in all, except for what the church did? There have been some worrisome articles looking for a evodevo side to pedophilia (the greeks did it, the turks are all faggots, 20 % of children are sexually assaulted in the USA).

Singer comes out as an opportunistic philosopherito. As many rationalist/atheists are. Opportunistic: I stand by it. To end poverty donate he contends. Donate to the highly efficient agencies (sic) doing the work. What about getting directly engaged. In the USA first, not in Burundi to adopt a child ala Jolie.


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