Beguiling Butterflies

A long time ago I wrote a poem: ” OceanAconcagua” (OceanoAconcagua) inspired by a soaring Aconcagua mountain surging from the Pacific ocean, a northward view that in a clear  day I could see from my apartment (actually my first wife, Nadja) in Vina del Mar: the mountain shoots up straight, from the abyss. Aconcagua is almost 7000 mts tall, in my mind taller than Everest (Everest?). In warm lazy afternoons, cooled  by Martinis on the rocks (Vermouth Cinzano) I would hear the Viento Sur and the Viento Norte meeting at the top of the mountain and share stories, laughs and drama, human I mean. After a few moments I would engage in the conversation. 

dont know who took the pic sorry

 I saw beguiling, behemothian blue whales,  breaching in contempt, defying liquid gravity, imprinting sanity in the blue brain that is the Pacific Ocean.

 This morning I saw the above picture of blue whales’ tails (fins) somewhere off the coast of southern Chile (obviously): they seem leatherly butterflies grazing on the surface of the blue brain, dispensing life.


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