Newt NOT as Winston

Darling Peggy Noonan what are you on? You  call Newt inspiring and disturbing today in the WSJ. You make him sound like Churchill (noted by one of your commenters also).

Except that there is no evidence he-Newt-wears pink silk underwear or drinks champagne for breakfast. He is disturbing allright. Inspiring? 

I DONT GET WHY HE GETS A PASS WITH THE MEDIA: the good Newt? ruthless brilliance?

UPDATE: Newt has dissapeared Palestinians from Palestine. He has a PhD in history?

UPDATE: Callista is a liability. I mean Newt is his own worst liability…..

UPDATE: Newt signed a faithfullness pledge, and promised to remain decent and positive.

UPDATE: Newt is dragging his arse. I hope not. Barack and us are safer with Newt running. I hope none of the fringe loonies run


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