tebowing while chemoing

This pic, even if it is fake is worth it. Next sunday when the Broncos take the insufferable Patriots on, will see if it really works, the tebowing I mean. By the way, this action has hit a raw atheist nerve, it drives them crazy!!!

In any case, TT is a true american original, fresh, bold, and a ‘miraculous” football player which counters some the brutality of this ‘sports’. Anyone seen Harrison (Steelers) helmeting lately? He took out McCoy.

UPDATE: it is a true pic. From DaiyRidge.com; ” Joey Norris is fighting cancer and is trusting his fantasy football team to Tim Tebow. Joey recently sent Tim a message on his twitter @TimTebow I’m Tebowing while Chemoing! Im a cncr srvivr whos trsting u wth his fntsy team.  It should be noted that he isn’t a Bronco’s fan. He is a Eagle’s fan thru and thru, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a Tim Tebow fan. Joey Norris was originally diagnosed with tcell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August of 2008. He relapsed in August of 2010 and has been kicking Leuk the Loser’s Ass as hard as he can. As of October 2011, he is in remission and has begun round one of 3 85 days cycle of steroids and chemo, including Nelarabine which has only been approved for kids for a few years now. Joey finished his second rou…nd of frontline treatment in July which included cranial and spinal radiation. His most severe side effect is a lot of trouble walking. Due to the combination of one of his chemos (Vincristine) and the radiation, Joey was numb from mid waist through his toes and also through his arms and hands for about 6 weeks. Joey’s been working really hard on his PT though and last used his wheelchair in late September.”

UPDATE: it didnt work, the tebowing, back to the drawing table. TT screwed up.


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