One crazy loonie atheist on a crazy loonie monster

A propos  of the insane monster  Kim Jong Ils’ death and the obvioulsy staged TV public display of sorrow by wailing,  Coyne (WEIT) writes:

“…..Probably some of this is orchestrated, but I have absolutely no doubt that most of the grief is genuine.  After all, these people, kept completely isolated from the rest of the world, have been told from birth that their worker’s paradise, far superior to the rest of the world, is the largesse of their Dear Leader.  And they believe it.  The followers of Jesus are supposed to have wept after his death, too, and that’s what we’re seeing here: the effect of a theocracy on its credulous victims. There’s precious little we can do to help these oppressed people, and it’s ineffably sad. “

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite image (stole it from slate)

I think Coyne is getting ridiculous. Case in point: the demonstrations of grief due to Hitchens death are very ridiculous. A lot of blogwailing lamenting lovely Hitchens molecules dissolving unto nothingness. Lovely???  Ridiculous. This comment is ridiculous too: but couldnt avoid doing the Kim Jong/Jesus gambit on Coyne/Hitchens.


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