The new priesthood: physicists!.

Sam Harris interviews L . Krauss about his (LK)  new book: “A universe from nothing”, with an afterword by Richard Dawkins (!): get the pic: Harris, Krauss, Dawkins, ad infinitum, books’ sales?

From the beginning, there are conceptual problems. Goes Krauss: “The old idea that nothing might involve empty space, devoid of mass or energy, or anything material, for example, has now been replaced by a boiling bubbling brew of virtual particles, popping in and out of existence in a time so short that we cannot detect them directly.  I then go on to explain how other versions of “nothing”—beyond merely empty space—including the absence of space itself, and even the absence of physical laws, can morph into “something.”  Indeed, in modern parlance, “nothing” is most often unstable.  Not only can something arise from nothing, but most often the laws of physics require that to occur. ”

So, how is this different from magic..? Not clear to me. And how is this different from Henning Genz in “Nothingness’ (Nichts als das Nichts – die Physik des Vakuums) where he writes on page 207 that “there is no such thing as absolutely empty space. All space contains fluctuating fields and particles. Even in the emptiest space that the laws of nature permit, there are energy levels about which the energies of the fields and particles fluctuate; and these energy levels are never sharply defined.” Essentially, as space is created it is given some properties of ‘non-emptiness’.”

Krauss,at least in the interview, havent read the book says nothing (no pun intended) anew.


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