No free will ah? Part 2

A propos of Hawkings’ 70th unlikely birthday ( disclaimer: despite his achievements, unlikely life and the generalized praise, I dont like Hawking,

hawking at 70, David Parry PA (via guardian)

(I think he is a schmuckatelli) lets read about his birthday celebration:

goes the Guardian Alok Jha:”…………. a symbol of the triumph of willpower over adversity, has celebrated his 70th birthday, revealing he did not learn to read properly until he was eight years old, and that his schoolfriends had made a bet that he “would never come to anything”.

So it seems that the meat computer known as Hawking invented the “adaptive power of will” ( to survive and inseminate his wife: increase fitness. He is a satyr).

hawking in before and afterlife

George F.R. Ellis in Foundation of Physics. (2005) A shorter version in Nature (2005):

“This paper examines the claim that the underlying physics uniquely causally determines what happens, even though we can’t predict the outcome. It suggests that what occurs is the contextual emergence of complexity: the higher levels in the hierarchy of complexity have autonomous causal powers, functionally independent of lower-level processes. This is possible because top-down causation takes place as well as bottom-up action, with higher-level contexts
determining the outcome of lower level functioning and even modifying the nature of lower level constituents. Stored information plays a key role, resulting in non-linear dynamics that is nonlocal in space and time. Brain functioning is causally affected by abstractions such as the value of money and the theory of the laser. These are realised as brain states in individuals, but are not equivalent to them. Consequently physics per se can’t causally determine the outcome of human creativity, rather it creates the possibility space allowing human intelligence to function autonomously. (reminds me of Kaufmann’ work)

The challenge to physics is to develop a realistic description of causality in truly complex hierarchical structures, with top-down causation and memory effects allowing autonomous higher levels of order to emerge with genuine causal powers.”

So, meat computer Ellis has a cogent argument that of course other meat headed computers dont ponder.


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