No free will ey? Part 3 (a propos of one more nutty NYT article)

Yesterday, NYT, Ms. Peg O’Connor (in Philosophy and Addiction),( totally nuts), poses:

“I introduce the notion of addiction as a subject of philosophical inquiry here for a reason. I am a philosopher, yes, but I am also an alcoholic who has been sober for more than 24 years ― only the last four of them as part of a recovery program. I am often asked how I got and stayed sober for those first 19 years; it was because of philosophy, which engendered in me a commitment to living an examined life, and gave me the tools and concepts to do so. My training in moral philosophy made it natural for me to wrestle with issues of character, responsibility, freedom, care and compassion in both work and life.”

Here we have a beautiful example of the free exercise of free will to get well away from alcohol, freely.

Yeah right. This is perhaps THE nuttiest of all NYT pieces in a long time (I miss Olivia Judson now). In this case, the non free willies have a case.


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