The Bible of an atheist (not sure) (T. Jefferson)

I find it funky, boring  and weird that some take great pains to make a point using somebody else’s work: take AC Grayling in UK for example. He “wrote” Ihe Good book: a humanist bible(?)”, a compilation of wise sacred texts (he unsacres them) of which very little has been heard, thank God. I never read the Good Book, never will and I wonder if Dr GoodHair knows about T Jefferson “bible”  (who doesnt anyways?). He could have saved himself a lot of cut and paste, which TJ did not (unsacring the Bible). In any case, USA people refuses to see Jefferson and founding fathers as inheriting the french enlightenment

The Guardian, typically, pontificates about Jefferson and almost anything else in and out of London: “Mitch Horowitz, editor of the new edition, said: “Ethically, Jefferson was a Christian, but – as he put it – ‘a real Christian,’ who believed in the moral philosophy of Christ rather than the religion later created around Christ, which Jefferson felt would have appalled the man himself.” “Jefferson’s unorthodox approach to Christianity did not go unnoticed at the time, though it might come as a surprise to many on the religious right today, who tend to revere the Founding Fathers. Despite the fact that he would later allow the Capitol building to be used for church services each Sunday, Jefferson was described by preacher John Mason as someone who “writes against the truths of God’s word; who makes not even a profession of Christianity”.

“The author of the declaration of independence had been strongly influenced by the rationalism of enlightenment France, where he served as US ambassador from 1785-1789. Earlier in the century, philosophers such as Voltaire and Rousseau had disparaged the influence of the clergy and Christian institutions and sought to understand Jesus as a man whose teachings had been distorted by later generations.” (read carefully atheists: you are 300 years late)”.


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