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The mind of God (actually its brain) (or the organic matrix of abalone nacre)

June 17, 2011
Courtesy of Volker Springel/Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany.

When I saw the above pic ( a simulation based on the standard model) I thought: “that is why I feel trapped sometimes”: we are living in a mesh of someones’ brain. It actually is a simulation from the Millenium project (Germay): Simulations based on the standard cosmological model, as shown here, indicate that on very large distance scales, galaxies should be uniformly distributed. But observations show a clumpier distribution than expected. (The length bar represents about 2.3 billion light years). In Physics 4, 47 (2011) DOI: 10.1103/Physics.4.47. Cosmic smoothness. Michael J. Hudson Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1, Canada writes a cogent viewpoint on: “Excess Clustering on Large Scales in the MegaZ DR7 Photometric Redshift Survey.” Shaun A. Thomas, Filipe B. Abdalla, and Ofer Lahav. Physical Review Letters, 106, 241301, June 13, 2011. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.241301.

Hudson: “The universe is expected to be very nearly homogeneous in density on large scales. In Physical Review Letters, Shaun Thomas and colleagues from University College London analyze measurements of the density of galaxies on the largest spatial scales so far—billions of light years—and find that the universe is less smooth than expected [1]. If it holds up, this result will have important implications for our understanding of dark matter, dark energy, and perhaps gravity itself. In the current standard cosmological model, the average mass-energy density of the observable universe consists of 5% normal matter (most of which is hydrogen and helium), 23% dark matter, and 72% dark energy. The dark energy is assumed to be uniform, but the normal and dark matter are not. The balance between matter and dark energy determines both how the universe expands and how regions of unusually high or low matter density evolve with time.”

The simulation shown above could also be a giant immunofluorescent image of a giant brain OR the organic matrix of abalone nacre: in both cases we are screwed. In the first case, we are part of the brain of God, in the second case we are part of the shell of a giant haliotidae mollusca.


Harris continues his non free will sure descent to free will hell

June 9, 2011

Mr Sam Harris published a non free will clarifier in his free will site of, I assume, his hilarious non free will articles on huff free will post. After naturally equating his non free will reasoning to some free will Einsteins’ (really) quotes,  he non freely concludes: ” But I am in no position to know why I make the effort in this instance but not in others. And why do my efforts cease precisely when they do? Now I feel that it is time for me to leave in any case. I’m hungry, yes, but it also seems like I’ve made my point. In fact, I can’t think of anything else to say on the subject. And where is the freedom on that(sic)?”

Obviously Mr Harris is non freely confused how the non free will “mind” works. I suggest he takes a vacation in a cool place and let his non free will brain rest a bit to get  the cogs and wheels working when his free willie decides to get the cogs and/or the wheels going.

Has Mr Harris been a non free will zombie all this time? Apparently he has been channeling a free will  someone.

No wonder: some atheists’ minds are like skunk butts, according to Dr Coyne

May 30, 2011

Over at Planet of the Apes Ms. Faye Flam (!) (for real last name ?) on the archquestions of faith, science, mind and whatever. She interviewed atheists, religionists, scientists and sciantheists (atheiscientists?)-atheists that are scientists.

 On a league of its own, Dr. Coynes’  remarkable opinion: “Many biologists are not religious, and few see any evidence that the human mind is any less a product of evolution than anything else, said Chicago’s Coyne. Other animals have traits that set them apart, he said. A skunk has a special ability to squirt a caustic-smelling chemical from its anal glands. Our special thing, in contrast, is intelligence, he said, and it came about through the same mechanism as the skunk’s odoriferous defense.”

So? Well, the last sentence is debatable at worst, if not right down false. Intelligence: defined how? All creatures are “intelligent”. To assume identical mechanisms for the ‘evolution” of the skunks’ gland and the evolution of  “intelligence” (human) is gratuitous.

 So: I am happy that Coyne is happy to think that his mind and the skunks’ butt evolved supported by analogous mechanisms.

There you go lads: no wonder some have their heads up their arsses.

Sein und liebe…. in the times of c(h)olera.

April 26, 2011

I wrote ‘colera” instead of “colera”: in spanish, colera translates as cholera or rage. Love in the times of cholera. The rage of Achilles.(Colera is much better word-weight wise- than rage, or anger as often done: “Sing Oh goddess the rage (colera) of Achilles….” (the english  translations of the Iliad are plain awful)). Garcia Marquez is happy to inspire me.

Rage can be argued is the zeitgeist of these times. The rage of the teapartiers. The rage of Beck. The rage of Bachmann. The rage against niqabs and burkas.  The rage of Trump not only claiming Obama is an illegal alien (illicit), but also somehow got unto school-Columbia & Harvard mind you-without grades. The rage of bad officiating in every sports league: worldwide malaise. And the complicity of the commentators. Not sure about the NHL. My rage against the Canucks: whats wrong with them? The rage of Hitchens clamoring for NATO forces of right  “taking out” Qaddafi: why doesnt he asks for assassinating Qadaffi? He doesnt have the cojones to ask Obama for ordering it: please Mr president assassinate Qaddafi. Actually, the exact verb is “kill” as it is done in front of the cameras, Kennedy was assassinated; MLK was assassinated.

 The cast of cowards remains current as they sinergize each others’ rage. Easy rage against easy targets (targets that are unlikely to notice you): Qaddafi, illicit  aliens, the poor, religionists, Jones, more.

 Where is the rage of the justs?

A precis of and on masturbation

April 17, 2011

Over at WEIT Dr Coynehead writes a hilarious rendition of the “venial sin” (in the catholic catalogue of bad deeds) of masturbation. (I dont think he meant to be funny). In his relentless banal persecution of religions he launches a “ferocious” attack on the completely unimportant “venial sin”  of “catholic” masturbation, which he seems to claim is of a different nature of other masturbations, atheists and “cultural” jews included.

 How can anyone take masturbation seriously, especially if you are a ‘cultural ” jew, and if you have read ‘Portnoys’ Complaint’ (supposedly) and almost die of laughter-supposedly- on account of Roth? Anyone claiming the contrary should be questioned by a district attorney. If anyone had a nanoguilt dilemma about masturbating it was dealt with after reading Portnoys’ (a huge literary success in a country obsessed with sex).

 I suggest reading Portnoys once again, enjoy, and let masturbation continue to have its place in evolutionary weirdness.

Franzen, arghhh…!! A propos of a Farther away..rock.

April 15, 2011

Franzen rayadito

As  I have said before, Jthan Franzen is a superb writer, a decent human being, very decent it seems at that.  So one cant be but  startled by: “David [FW] and I had a friendship of compare and contrast and (in a brotherly way) compete. A few years before he died, he signed my hardcover copies of his two most recent books. On the title page of one of them, I found the traced outline of his hand; on the title page of the other was an outline of an erection so huge that it ran off the page, annotated with a little arrow and the remark “scale 100%”. The size of a dicks’ (seemingly Foster Wallaces) outline imprinted on one of his books (see New Yorker for gory details) could be a defining moment for him?

Why in the world doesnt he shakes off  his  betise and be great? Why doesnt he dives unto  genius and writes with his guts and edits with his brain (as a chick commented today at The Guardian; forgiv me i couldnt refind the article,  maybe i dreamed). I had  some  expectations reading his Farther away at the NYorker. He almost came out. Almost. So here he was, in solitude, looking for a place on earth to face off the beast inside: he chooses Mas Afuera, an “island”, kinda big rock, in Juan Fernandez archipelago, Chilean waters.[one should respect original spellings: he spells Mas Afuera as Masafuera, which is awright, but say something]. In his way there he visited the dead DFWallaces’ wife Karen Green(?) who gives a quota of DFW ashes to be dispersed in Mas Afuera. Things are getting cheesy, but we are on course. He flies to Santiago, blablabla,[ no mention of the freaking tsunami that killed eight chilenos in Robinson Crusoe a sister archipelago island-if he was there afterwards], blabla and somewhere, sometime, the f. bomb:

 ” He [DFW] was sick, yes, and in a sense the story of my friendship with him is simply that I loved a person who was mentally ill. The depressed person then killed himself, in a way calculated to inflict maximum pain on those he loved most, and we who loved him were left feeling angry and betrayed. Betrayed not merely by the failure of our investment of love but by the way in which his suicide took the person away from us and made him into a very public legend. People who had never read his fiction, or had never even heard of him, read his Kenyon College commencement address in the Wall Street Journal and mourned the loss of a great and gentle soul.””…. not ourselves beyond it, could see that David was wrong not to believe in his lovability and could imagine the pain of not believing in it. How easy and natural love is if you are well!”

So you kill yourself to inflict maximum pain on others? You are wrong? Gimme a break.

As many in this country, Franzen has the strange notion that you manage your own mental illness. There are so many educated, well informed people, friends, scientists doctors that hold the view that you can manage your unbalance. Well yeah sometimes, obviousy when you kill yourself you are well  beyond management. Gimme another break. Then, the Farther Away reflection sinks in stuff that you can read in the readers comments.

Yes, DFW was sick, so sick he killed himself. Thanks for telling us this Mr Franzen. Franzen: manup and write with your guts.

PS; Im appalled by Franzen and commentators lack of sensitivity with the people, the flora and fauna, and the geography in general of the Mas Afuera island: “poker face mule”, ‘bad chilean white bread'”, “low quality fish’? ‘Boring rock”? This is the stuff people in the island do, eat and live with and by. Show some fucking respect: capitalist imperialist pigs. I remind the US constituency that “boring” is between your ears. You are boring.

Cerberus and Orthrus foaming after Templeton prize awarded

April 6, 2011

Lord Martin Rees won the Templeton. So? My mother won several “pastel de choclo contests?  He-his Lordship- gave a perfectly decent interview. There are several “sects” of atheistoids  foaming, apoplectically,  calling foul play.

“In his acceptance speech, Rees said, “Our planet has existed for 45 million centuries, but this is the first [time] in its history where one species—ours—has Earth’s future in its hands, and could jeopardize not only itself, but life’s immense potential.” That is why, he continued, over the past decade he has become “more engaged with issues of science policy and ethics, and global problems generally.” Elaborating, Rees told Physics Today that the two main threats to the planet are “that there are more of us, and we are collectively having more impact on the biosphere,” and “because individuals are more empowered by technology, we as a society are more vulnerable to small groups of people. Those are the difficulties of governance we will have to contend with.”

I mean give it a rest, lads. Get with the program.

Didnt I say it was intangibly preposterous (quietly boisterous) being a brit?

A propos of spirited idiots. Case(s) in point: Ms Jacoby and thereof.

February 13, 2011

At her The spirited atheist column, WP, Ms Jacoby writes in “Obama is pandering to religion” (Ms Althouse , in her own wall writes and adds to the pire, commenting Maher, and proofreading Cornell West….for real …(what a delicate bouquet of dickos). Urgent: At WEIT, Dr Coyne quotes Maher-Bill- and… Althouse to claim his claim that BO is some kind of atheist. Serenely, add a pinch of salt before throwing dick Coyne to the bonfire. And hez a scientist….that is a guarantee or not of rationality, logicality)

Goes Ms Jacoby,: “In Washington, the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act” is designed to discourage insurance companies from covering abortion at all. Under the proposed law, introduced by New Jersey Republican Christopher Smith, people with tax-preferred medical savings accounts could not even use their own money to pay for an abortion without losing the tax break. The original language of this law would have narrowed exemptions for rape and incest by limiting any federal funding to oxymoronic cases of “forcible rape.” The provision was dropped after strong protests from women–including some Republican women. In a scathing episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, correspondent Kirsten Schaal distinguished between rape and assaults that are only “rapeish and “rape-esque.”
“By proposing this legislation,” Schaal said, “Republicans are finally closing the glaring rape loophole in our health care system. You’d be surprised how many drugged, underaged, or mentally handicapped young women have been gaming the system. Sorry, ladies, the free abortion ride is over.”

IT WAS A PARODY, A SKETCH, you retard.

Unbelievably believable.

Note added in proof. It gets better-actually worst: at Rationally Speaking, De Dora writes :”President Obama’s speech at the recent National Prayer Breakfast gives us a rare look into his religious beliefs. Susan Jacoby is not happy.” and Ms Jacoby cant tell what is true or not, you moron. She probably didnt even read or watch Stewarts’ show or his web broadcast. Lets wait till De Dora gets his PhD, nopefully, things may get better, for his discernment.

In the meantime the anti-retard SWAT team (from

“For the record, the belief Maher apparently holds – that Obama isn’t actually a Christian, but merely pretends to be one to keep up appearances for the sake of his political career – strikes us as one of the most cynical things anyone could possibly believe about Obama. Is it possible? Well, yes – it wouldn’t make Obama the first politician to not be entirely upfront about everything regarding his true self. But for Maher to hold the view that Obama’s not actually a Christian – a viewpoint, of course, fundamental to the “Obama’s a Muslim” school of thought Maher mocks in the very same segment you’ll see below – well, it’s a little curious.” …and stupid.

Today, post Valentin day, at Salon : “Why shooting fish in a barrel is a bad political strategy ” by
Michael Lind argues for a break in the bashing of well, all , BOs, religion as well. The bashing of the bashers included?

“We are in deep trouble”.

December 24, 2010

“People: we are in deep trouble”: Gene Lyons in” A deluded citizenry can’t effectively govern itself. Yet complacency and institutional cowardice causes “mainstream” media to play along with the fiction that Fox News is an ordinarily craven, celebrity-driven news organization”. More to the point: Take the fact that Newt, Palin, Huckabee and more, all presidential candidates potentially, are paid entertainers at foxnews. How can one conclude we are not in deep trouble if they dispense vitriol every week or so?
Evan Thompson in Newsweek, offers a rather starkly darkoverview of our current status as a nation (one under god??):” The irony is that the Internet and limitless TV channels once seemed to promise more truth. More information, from more sources, should have liberated the marketplace of ideas. Open, free, unfettered speech has usually served to expose the abuses of power. I assumed the same would be true when every citizen could become a journalist, and power could not be rendered unaccountable by secrecy. But it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. There is more noise and more opinion—but arguably not in the cause of truth. Untruths and gross distortions swirl around the Internet, supercharged by the cable-TV bias for hyperconflict”.. Thank you Thompson.

However, I feel the fox news/web/blog comment applies extensively to most US human endeavours 2010, capturing the zeitgeist of the year(s) we live in this backyard of the mexican hacienda. It applies to scientists and their science aboviously. Take Tom Junods’ ‘piece” in Esquire : “we dream in science:”….and this is how science will become like religion in all things except in its actuality“. Whoaa sailor!! (i love this expression, i wonder where it comes from; it is a late 40s song by Hank Thompson!1 and it written whoa sailor..rather silly and popeyesque)
Consider Ophrah trusting the intelligence of the american people not to vote for Palin-or Newt, or Huckabee or Rommney, for president: good luck and good night with that. Is Oprah really moronic (her book club bs is paramount)?. We elected Reagan, right?. Nixon, after three tries..we put up with Rove, what intelligence is she talking about??? maybe the intelligence to choose Murkoswki, what a force of nature; sock it you Miller.

Take Ms. Tracy Clark-Flory, *same Salon place than Mr Lyons* writing about “Hookers for Jesus”, a movement to support hookers (*running away from* pimps in Vegas). Good grief: is this real? yes painfully so. The citizenry’s dementia in USA running hammock. Hookers for Jesus…gasp…although I acknowledge the fact that the man (Jesus) had a soft spot for hookers. (if they looked like Mary Magdalene played by Barbara Hershey in Scorceses’ wild version of Christ last moments, I assume one has to sin). Thanks to Ms Clark-Flory for this fact-oid, albeit iconic.

…take Eric MacDonald, in flies on wheels *actually butterflies and wheels*.. revisionist rendition of contemporary history and declare that the enlightenment (gimme a break, please) wasnt such, in fact it fell short and the new atheism “movement” (rated one of the most overrated of the decade, for what ratings are worth) is picking up the fight of reason: “Despite its comprehensive overthrow by the Enlightenment – what Jonathan Israel calls “theology’s loss of hegemony in the eighteenth century” (Israel, Jonathan. Enlightenment Contested (Oxford: University Press, 2006), 68) – religion still has a disproportionate footprint in the public sphere, even in places where the Enlightenment originated and flourished. Counter-Enlightenment forces were very effective in preserving the structures of ecclesial power that existed in Europe and in societies whose majority populations derive from European immigration. Religious belief itself made successive accommodations to scientific discoveries and the liberal, democratic political arrangements that originated in foundational philosophical works of the Enlightenment”…disproportionate footprint?? yeah republicans have a very disproportionate footprint, so does foxnews, american football has a big footprint, pornography has huge footprint 9especially among republicnas)what else.?..anything one doesnt like is a ‘disproportionate footprint”? with allies like MacDonald we need a Better Enlightnement, not the sanctimonious whimpering of self designated guardians of reason and humankind like Mr MacDonald and others. I find that Mr MacDonalds (i wonder if his family has anything to do with burger king) comments mirror the attempts to recycle established ideas-even and including science-and metamorphose them in a ‘new’ kind of knowledge.

Take Sean Carroll, of the cosmic variance kind: he makes a pass at Leibniz..Leibniz for crissake, ( I bet he knows of him because Lee Smolin). Like MacDonalds pass at the enlightnement (should study more, Phillipp Blooms’ new book reviewed at the economist last month I think was very informed).

I find the citizenry-the gliteratti, the technorati-(think of castrati) a bunch that fails to acknowledge previous intellectual achivements and ideas and dont read history and dont learn a bit more of this place. The point being these guys, despite their credentials, speak off the cuff, from the hip, except they dont hit the targets. No targets really.

Take D 2 dismissing Maturana and Varela via someone else (reviewing Thompson and Cosmellis’ if I remember correctly). Bad move. Futurologists had predicted their (M&V) thinking will be more and more appreciated (how can knowledge be appreciated?). D2 makes a big mistake when pronounces M&V ideas (theories are not) just another way of telling the cell theory (sic). Or a gibberish “chemoton” kinda thing. bad move D2

Take Frontal Cortex lecturing about the ‘science of heroes” and the ‘science of charity”: a very slow f……………………Drop a curtain of decency over the stage. Last one out turn the lights off-once more.

Kristofs’ bananas Hitches betise

November 7, 2010

Strange title for this post: the argument of this post: striking arguments. First, Kristof at NYT: he argues we are (the US) a banana republic: the United Banana Sates.priceless, but Not so quickie Nickie boy; we have argued that for YEARS. Moreover we have begged for a discussion on the term banana republic itself,-as an end result of “markets expansion”- to put it mildly and not to say pillage of defenseless. The term “bp” used despectively by politicos-and rednecks- to highlight some nations, in a manner an end result of the policies politicos in US implement elsewhere and that now is knocking our doors. The Godfather shows a bit of the mentality in one movie of the series, What? you dont appreciate the parallel? The diference between the Mafia and some organized corporations that are icons of free enterprise is trivial: remember Enron? Wall street? BP?.
Disclaimer: I admire NK particular engagement advocating for womens “rights” and decry abuse of human female in every way throughout the landscape. . He is a decent guy, very decent. But uninformed of banana republic history. Good striking statement. Long overdue.

Hitchens writes in VF about the “discourse” between cancerees and the “public’-cancerers. Striking article: … boring. There is a decent compassionate way to treat each other or the other way I suggest reading The Wounded Healer. By the way in the Hitchens watch website there is a clip where Hitchens attacks Louis Farrakhan. It seems as if Hitchens fails to acknowledge the impact of black leaders-albeit religious- in their communities. He has done scathing comments on J. Wright and E Long, and also Dr King. I wonder how much of concealed racism (masked as anti-religious, atheist) Hitchens holds. It wouldnt suprise me he is a closeted british (brutish) imperialist (they still think the UK aristocracy owns the Universe. Granted Farrakhan is a striking character, but important 4 black communities. Maybe we wouldnt witness and “enjoy’ their antics now if slavery was not invented .
Granted Farrakhan was brutish himself, especially in his hideous remarks about jews in new york. I wonder why