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The truth is…….

September 27, 2010

KC Davis writes in Smithsonian, Oct 2010 (online) about the religious/cristian origins of this nation.-rather Puritan origin.-using the true history of religion in “america” as a handle. His conclusions are that religious discord is in the social DNA of this country and that widespread religious freedom is at odds with the historical record. Many know this, few ackmowledge this important fact which is at the core of the national sentiment-mood regarding secular education, science and treatment of catholics, mormoms and muslims ,  today. There is a profound religious  heart inthe pun.. It seems that americans (sic) at large are unable to relate to their history in a manner that would allow moving beyond it.  How long is taking for people to pass beyond basic rights.? There are state houses that still fly the ‘flag” and the fact that we live in a democracy ( a republic, beck argues) only restrains the obvious animosity towards blacks, latinos and others. and the animosities against all hings not-american.  The truth we live is not consistent with our behaviours, think O’Donnell.  Think US,epitome of capitalism, whining about jobs exports. The market has conquered the souls.


Palin (the Jr) Stewart, Colbert et al.

September 21, 2010

Hope for (the) US: Colbert and Stewart are holding DC rallies on Oct 30. Long live the movement!! Gleck (Beck) trembles shivers and shudders or maybe not-while Palin the Jr dances away looking cheap. Some say is character some say is derangement. I say : sue your mother, however my sensibilities are different than most, but I would swear she was trying to look like her- mother.? Finally. Utter madness? I predict that this will be a turning point in our history. Showing-in a sex-n-ual manner-yourself on TV is a prolongation of cheerleading and being a comedian is a prolongation of high school lampooning but Now is when it gets “serious” and becomes mainstream. Stewart asked about the DADT repeal; are we run by a**holes? I say we are a**holes (mostly) run by a**holes (definitely)Forgot to mention the  highheelathon (sob)……or maybe this is the right way and  the end of history??