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Rational betise? ja!

November 8, 2010

In rationally speaking blog (hosted by Dr MP)-it should be speaking, rationally,-Dr MP apologized to Dr J Coyne, the bombastic owner of why evolution is true blog. For alleged diatribes, insults and disqualifications-rather common elsewhere- and in the science blogosphere more abundant than not.

This is a strange affair, i.e.: the apologies, mutual. Both Coyne and Dr P think themselves as new truth prophets, unwilling to consider difference in unsettled questions. They go monkey when somebody dares contradicts their view- actually they do not publish au contraire comments. Coyne is so adamant that lectures specialists-some heavy hitters included-on other fields, dispenses advise in boots, spirits, movies, books, places to visit: insufferable, I wonder what his contribution to humankind been, other than pontificate in a number of subjects (maybe the analysis of released labeled drosophila in the Death valley experiment). It is peculiar, this protectors’ of the truth grail stance that evolution bloggers and philosophers pretending to educate the public-actually the public gets bored with it-that without showing any substantial contribution to the field itsef, evolution in this case, go on taking everybody else as anathema. Take Dr MP or Dennett, one of the self proclaimed horsemen of the apocalypse (sic) and his insistence in “empirical philosophy”, desperate to contribute something significant to evolution and in his case, consciousness or, take Dawkins for example, another self proclaimed horsemen, : two of his papers, one in pecking order and the other on how easily distracted bees are: arghhh, wtf? and the selfish gene and memes? Rather insoluble ideas that properly vulgarized got him a position as public science disseminator (Dawkins; he comes across as utterly soft, intellectually). In any case the mutual apologies are so the zeitgeist of these miserable times. Everyone goes in a rampage, apologizes and… finito. Not really. Look at Mel-iflous Gibson, innumerable tv hosts-and guests-that go in rampages of diatribes and apologies alternatively; scientists are not different. We are all the same but not equal: I predict there it will be a flood of these fake apologies.

Maybe a response to the rally for sanity? But it cant: the rally for sanity somehow was a bust. Completely. America is moronically lethargic