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The true “discoverer” of Machu Picchu: Agustin Lizarraga

June 30, 2011

In the June 26  Wiken supplement of El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile,  Sebastian Montalva Wainer writes:

 “En julio de 1902 un agricultor cusqueño llamado Agustín Lizárraga llegó a Machu Picchu y registró su hazaña en la pared de uno de sus templos principales. Sin embargo, tras la llegada del estadounidense Hiram Bingham, nueve años después, su nombre fue borrado para siempre. Hoy sus descendientes lo reclaman como el verdadero descubridor de la legendaria ciudad inca e intentan reescribir una historia que en 28 días más cumplirá 100 años de vida.” “Entonces Bingham, el sargento Carrasco y el pequeño Pablo ascendieron hasta el final de la ladera. Una vez arriba, en medio de la selva, encontraron andenes,casas de granito y construcciones simétricas de piedra. En la plaza había incluso una huerta de legumbres y, cerca de ella, un curioso recinto de tres ventanas trapezoidales donde se podía leer claramente una inscripción sobre la piedra. Decía “Agustín Lizárraga, 14 de julio de 1902″.  Hiram Bingham, entonces, apuntó el nombre en una libreta y siguió tomando fotos del lugar con su Eastman Kodak. La visita duró unas cinco horas, el mismo tiempo que demora hoy cualquier turista que visita la famosa ciudad inca de Machu Picchu”.

Machu Picchu 1911

In synthesis, Mr Lizarraga, as it described in a forthcoming book should be credited with opening Machu Picchu to the westerners. As probably hundreds if not thousands of locals that had visited from the time of Machu Picchu construction. Hiram Bingham brought it to USA and to Yale…..

Bingham highway


Kristofs’ bananas Hitches betise

November 7, 2010

Strange title for this post: the argument of this post: striking arguments. First, Kristof at NYT: he argues we are (the US) a banana republic: the United Banana Sates.priceless, but Not so quickie Nickie boy; we have argued that for YEARS. Moreover we have begged for a discussion on the term banana republic itself,-as an end result of “markets expansion”- to put it mildly and not to say pillage of defenseless. The term “bp” used despectively by politicos-and rednecks- to highlight some nations, in a manner an end result of the policies politicos in US implement elsewhere and that now is knocking our doors. The Godfather shows a bit of the mentality in one movie of the series, What? you dont appreciate the parallel? The diference between the Mafia and some organized corporations that are icons of free enterprise is trivial: remember Enron? Wall street? BP?.
Disclaimer: I admire NK particular engagement advocating for womens “rights” and decry abuse of human female in every way throughout the landscape. . He is a decent guy, very decent. But uninformed of banana republic history. Good striking statement. Long overdue.

Hitchens writes in VF about the “discourse” between cancerees and the “public’-cancerers. Striking article: … boring. There is a decent compassionate way to treat each other or the other way I suggest reading The Wounded Healer. By the way in the Hitchens watch website there is a clip where Hitchens attacks Louis Farrakhan. It seems as if Hitchens fails to acknowledge the impact of black leaders-albeit religious- in their communities. He has done scathing comments on J. Wright and E Long, and also Dr King. I wonder how much of concealed racism (masked as anti-religious, atheist) Hitchens holds. It wouldnt suprise me he is a closeted british (brutish) imperialist (they still think the UK aristocracy owns the Universe. Granted Farrakhan is a striking character, but important 4 black communities. Maybe we wouldnt witness and “enjoy’ their antics now if slavery was not invented .
Granted Farrakhan was brutish himself, especially in his hideous remarks about jews in new york. I wonder why

El papa…rararara

September 18, 2010

The title of this post is the punch line of a phenomenal joke: papa is a quechua word for potatoe and rararrara is the onamatopyeic of hurrah ( in spanish). People in the joke speak of the Pope unkowingly as a potato., so forth ( I forgot the joke’s script though). in any case, everyone is foaming for or against the Pope in Britain. Unless the anti-papa protests get big, the Pope has TKO the “atheists” ( why are atheists a “movement”, about what anyways? : I dont see an atheist solution to increased rates of poverty here). He beat them to the punch in particular due to the tepidity of atheist actions. I scanned the british press this morning: the Pope won. 5 to 1. In response to some friends; I DONT like this Pope, when he was elected there were many strong, unequivocal statements made mostly in the “Third World (sic) (according to the First World”) regarding the popes’ political stance, which sucks and it is inmoral and to which I dont adhere.  We have a leg to stand on. Im talking six years at least, ago. But wasnt even dreaming having a blog

A la recherche du Temps perdu: ce ne pas posible.

August 31, 2010

The insanity of the blogosphere: an understatement, obviously. It is superinsanity. Some commentators have adressed the issue recently.  Why did we think the blogosphere-BP- would bring about a new enlightenment? It has cheapened truth, betrayed knowledge and disseminated plenty of vitriol, simply reflecting the insanity of the world. However the good side of it is that the “BP”  appears to be a ‘collective cathartict”, a frantic search for validation and recognition of ones’ existence. It could be argued that a significant % of bloggers would be out there inflicting pain to others, instead, they write. Harsh but possible. The theory is at one point youll tire out vomitig insults.

Insanity in the world: many dismiss Glenn Beck as a nuisance ; a nuisance  that gathers at least 67-87k people (according to AirPhotosLive? If Beck had more balls he would have called openly the “revolution” (no metaphor here) that he would want to lead. I noticed that the place wasnt packed-at all- as in MLK rally(thank the Lord). Compare images.  I hope GB runs for office-imagine-with SP-to see where we stand really. Palin I noticed is undergoing a Ms Hyde metamorphosis. Fortunately GB is not smart, I leave open the idea that he is astute-and a liar- (in a fox sense, no pun intended). For example; he retracted claiming Barack was a racist. But he already said it. So all his followers claim that BO is a racist. What if yesterday we would have witnessed the birth of a mormon ‘prophet”? People is desperate. So is GB. Everybody spreads runors: we live a rumor based society. Whistleblowers? (free agents acting on their own behalf).

The theme here is the reinvention-or rather recycling- of truth. Deception at its best. Deception that eludes even its creator, the deceiver. Everybody is lying, cheating, misquoting, no prisoners; lets all go to hell yelling, murdering, cheating.  Case in point: Marc Hauser, a well known “moral scientist”, has been caught ‘doctoring”(what an inane gerund) data. Interpreting monkey business; all his colleagues smirk. Why? . Sad, very sad. Many science blogs have mutated unto self support systems to denigrate and attack when the papers dont agree with your work or your “ideology”. Case in point; EO Wilson, M. Nowak and C. Tarnita published a paper in Nature, “The evolution of eusociality”  where kin selection is “discussed”. J. Coyne and others -Dawkins for example-have taken upon themselves to declare, stridently, the paper wrong, an ‘uncalled for” (sic) attack on natural selection and of course Darwinism. Ill take my evolution lessons from Nowak and Wilson anytime (as opposed to take an evolution course from say, Dawkins).

Which brings me to a comment that Franzen, the writer, made in a recent Times issue. Quoting Kierkegaard: “the state of constant distraction-busyness-that allows people to avoid reality and mantain self-deceptions. With the help of cell phones, e-mail, and hand held games. It is easier to stay busy in the Kierkegaard sense that it has ever been.” I would add fantasy football, …and, of course, blogging…” make no mistake: I acknowledge this as a condition of the times: a virtual zeitgeist that compounds the self and throws it unto a downwards spiral of trivial pursuits: like defend Darwin (??).

Luisa Damiano: Unita in Dialogo

January 13, 2010

i have been re-reading the italian edition-the only one I am aware- of Luisas’ surprising book. The reason I do say ‘surprising’ is because her book weaves across impossible biological scales nurturing a better-newer-understanding of living systems acting on their behalf on this universe and a revised way of looking at cognition-a general biological phenomenon -not circumscribed to frontal lobes, but circumscribed to a distinction between inside/outside by a membrane. ..the hand that draws the line. More to follow. I promise