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NASA self-poison of choice: As.

December 4, 2010

In an obviously overtly exaggerated and overtly misleading media show, NASA and some of its people hyperhyped the description of an arsenic loving bacteria fished from the bottom of a lake. How can you demand knowledge accountability-to undergrads for example, to MH for example, to Glenn Beck for example-and anybody for that matter if NASA behaves in this way? I have found that in the last years, water in the moon, water in Mars and “new planets” have been grossly inflated stories. NASA has been a failure here.

On the positive: Sharon Begley wrote a very decent review in Time magazine of the status of genetic knowledge of disease. 80 % of the studies are wrong or irreproducible? I will check, but wouldnt surprise me. Plenty is wrong with scientists and medical sciences’ approach to their contributions. Diabetes medicine, osteoporosis? annoying Sally Fields advocating unsubstantiated benefits for Boniva ( I havent seen the TV ads anymore)…still out in some magazines. One of Boniva side effects: locks your jaws…..


Let’s roll…ok, we did…palinus interruptus

November 3, 2010

I wrote this yesterday: ” It took less than 2 years for “americans” to revert to their orignal phenotype; scared by the “socialist” Obama they want revert to more “traditional” and hard core values: white supremacy, and entitlement. “WE, the people?, will repeal the obamacare bill!!! we have the best health sysytem in the world…” blabla bla…No sire, we have the wost WASTEFUL health system in the workd.
It doesnt look any better for mediocrats-and for us: the temerary rationals; I am hoping loonies dont get elected (figuratively speaking because many in the running are such: I meant the “extrovert” loonies, you kow who im talking about). My secret audacious hope: the polls that anticipate a “tidal wave” (are there other waves in the ocean??) are biased, which of course they are: I wonder if anybody has looked unto this, and how this would influence voting. Naturally, this would qualify as a conspiracy theory. Is it a conspiracy to think someting is a conspiracy? I think not.”

Today; In any case, not matter how you look at this, today, Sarah Palin lost big, Alaska Miller and else are done. Unfortunately maxiloonie Rand Paul won. He is notoriously crazy and it looks it on TV: he looks like a XIX century french novel chracater going mad. And the orange majority leader cried on tv; are they all whimps? man up mr citric, man up palin!!

In a diffrent note but in the same set of negative zeitgeist; the media “analysts” insist we had a “close call” with the toner bomb and else. Dont we fight terrorirsm with intelligence (from saudi arabia and yemen in this case)?. Granted threat detection is not easier but intelligence seems to work as efficiently as for the Mossad or for Simon Wiesenthal who did a superb job finidng and kidnapping nazi “war criminals” (arent all nazis war criminals?). Nobody cares about the faulty logic of the “analysts”, o lets hope they keep making the mistake and intelligence working.