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No cats in hell

May 9, 2011

A very hot, naked, beauty girlfriend, recently hurled to hell, texted me:

“No cats in hell. Stop. Cerberus doesnt let them in. Stop. Thats one scary motherfucking dog. Stop. Thats why he is there to begin with. Stop. PS 1: Bring some Buds when visiting, thirsty as hell (and Hawaian Tropic). Over” PS 2: tell other atheists not to bring the cats here. Send them to Purgatory.

Cerberus catenemy n. 1


More than 3000 rapes a year and counting.

February 15, 2011

I watched NBC todays’ news. There was a report of a lawsuit against the Armed Forces, the Military, (are there bare armed forces?) Robert Gates and dicko Rumsfeld are the defendants. The case is that rampant rape against women in the US military continues unabated. Almost 3 per day!!!. Believably unbelievable. So tragic.

Where is the public outcry? Nowhere to be seen. All those that made careers of the Catholic Church cover up of child abuse should now be opening this brutality up. Why not? Oh no..too sensitive? too parochial? too close to home? As usual the american psyche hides beneath something else. The revolutions in the arab world? The budget? Berlusconi and prostitution? Case inpoint: the NYT rather focused on clitoral mutilation in Africa-as tragic as it is- for years rather than the mutilation of women (many of them girls) here in the homeland. Moral cowards.

Jesse Ellison at the Daily Beast, today:

“A landmark lawsuit filed Tuesday against Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, alleges that the military’s repeated failures to take action in rape cases created a culture where violence against women was tolerated, violating the plaintiffs’ Constitutional rights”. Good going Jes. Get the rats out of their holes.

Feb 25: it has vanished from the air…

The truth is…….

September 27, 2010

KC Davis writes in Smithsonian, Oct 2010 (online) about the religious/cristian origins of this nation.-rather Puritan origin.-using the true history of religion in “america” as a handle. His conclusions are that religious discord is in the social DNA of this country and that widespread religious freedom is at odds with the historical record. Many know this, few ackmowledge this important fact which is at the core of the national sentiment-mood regarding secular education, science and treatment of catholics, mormoms and muslims ,  today. There is a profound religious  heart inthe pun.. It seems that americans (sic) at large are unable to relate to their history in a manner that would allow moving beyond it.  How long is taking for people to pass beyond basic rights.? There are state houses that still fly the ‘flag” and the fact that we live in a democracy ( a republic, beck argues) only restrains the obvious animosity towards blacks, latinos and others. and the animosities against all hings not-american.  The truth we live is not consistent with our behaviours, think O’Donnell.  Think US,epitome of capitalism, whining about jobs exports. The market has conquered the souls.

Hitler was a closet catholic and Darwin a closet racist: please, for f#$%ks’ sake, read the literature

September 20, 2010

O f all the nonsense and ranting  circulating regarding the Popes’ visit to UK, one surges on its own merit. The question whether Hitler was a catholic and whether Nazism is a catholic (christian) based  or related nightmare . This question has arisen due to the Pope’s recrimination of atheists, which of course let all the dogs loose across the pond (the british and americans funky way of naming the Atlantic). Hitler was a madman, and whatever he ever said or did should be contemplated in this respect. On a parallel universe,, a comment on Darwins’ view of ethnicities, in the Huffpost, has been a thing of contention since my school days. Clearly Darwin was anti-slavery, but his viewsregarding people of color (sic) is a spinier subject. All I can say, people has become so quick to scandalizewith their unfactual comments. Read the literature for f@#@$ks sake !!!!(whatever that means). Furthermore, there is a reflection on D’Souza deranged new book  about Barack Huseein at  Slate, which is one of the startling examples of misrepresentations this weekend. Add the opinionator NYT piece on getting rid of all carnivorous species and will have one of the craziest unfactual days of this year (please add O’Donells dabble of witchcraft, crazy chick). Oh dont forget NOT to pray for Mr Hitchens: I hope it helps him. (I mean NOT to pray). He is not well I understand so  let the Origin follow its course and  I will NOT pray for him……..I wish I could. Get well Mr Hitchens.

Talk about a different kind of mentally ill people (MIP) 2010

January 14, 2010

We all have read or watched (have we?) the horribility of the earthquake in Haiti. Now we know why it happened: according, to Pat Robertson, yes THAT one, the Haitian people had made, a long time ago, a pact with the devil, hence it is time to pay up. Needless to say, he knows this from personal revelation. Is Marion Gordon”Pat”, crazy, MIP or just an obsessive compulsive manipulator of the thousands-millions-that follow the Christian Broadcasting Network, around the world?? Im afraid will never know, however, another MIP  manipulator, Rush Limbaugh, mentioned in passing that this is the “right catastrophe for Barack to build more support from”. He must be MIP or rather,  is he ‘evil”? are these men bad?  They dont speak from knwoledge; they “appeal” to something that I cant quite grasp, which lurks in the inner spaces of the worst of the human condition. There are plenty of comments on this today.