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and how much is a pint of milk?

February 19, 2011

Note Feb 26: WI lives!. I underestimated the cojones valence of the revolutionaries. Hope it ends well.

An action potential propagates through my tail watching the WI teachers and others taking on the governor and state troopers in the legislatures’ attempt to cut health benefits, raise contributions and curtail labor unions’ rights. Bravo! Dont let the newly elected bullies scare you. What a sight.

Maybe watching the fearless, more or less, revolters in squares across the arab countries, the wisconsonites get their cojones back. And so does the country. Maybe they will be spared volence and repression. Oh dear. Which leads me to hope that there is still hope for America? Praise the Lord. I mean the revolt, which is more like a revolt for dignity. I also hope the revolt of the unions moves through other states. Whats the problem with unions?; most people is so scared or despise them.

A revolt that may spread. For example, consider that WI is the second largest milk producer in the Union: how much is a pint of milk? Lots these days. And many want to cut federal (not sure about state) help for moms that breastfeed their babies. Despite obvious advantages, less than 50 % of babies are breast fed in the US. The milk factor may inspire WI moms to support their husbands, unions’ friends and breastfeed their babies anywhere and everywhere. On the spot!. How about that? Piggybacking on this basic rights movement (unions).

A peaceful revolt. Education and tities: the best of the world. (note: cow milk is NOT used to feed babies anyways)

But if good people like N Kristoff at the NYT keeps up their colonialist, bs as in (writing about Bahrain): “This kind of brutal repression is normally confined to remote and backward nations, but this is Bahrain. An international banking center. The home of an important American naval base, the Fifth Fleet. A wealthy and well-educated nation with a large middle class and cosmopolitan values”….

where in hell are the remote and backward nations? No nation is remote, the very idea is moronic, especially today.(at least geographically). It speaks awful of NKs’ idea of the rest of the world. He has often spoke of banana republics forgetting that US created them. No wonder people in the world dont like us. And dont like journalists. Nobody likes to hear shit about country, even if it is true. Bad diplomacy. A different thing is if they are enemies. Bahrain is an ally. And beat up reporters. And worst. You cant call someone you are a “backward remote” ah and not expect that person to punch you. I abhor violence, not all do.


FOXnews closed caption

February 17, 2011

One of my frequent delights, while I trot in the gym elliptical, is to read Fox news closed caption(s). They are notoriously funny during Ms M Kelly morning broadcast (not sure if has anything to do with her, cause she is funky fox blondie, a lawyer and somehow a more balanced foxie), e.g.

Yesterday the read told us that

“Berlusconi is accused of having sex with an underage prostate” (prostitute). I wonder if anyone has a compendium.