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Freedom(Liberty?) many crimes have been commited in thy name…

September 27, 2010

DISCLAIMER: Answering questions, I happen to LIKE Franzen. I should have said I didnt like the book; not that it sucks. Sorry. Franzen, just zeitgeist and schadenfreude

I know one for certain: Freedom by J, Franzen. Despite raving reviews of this “mythical” portrait of american life, it sucks. Which brings back the theme of this months truth and deception. The reviews could be construed as interested deception. Moreover, the sex in the book is pathetic. Oh my. another lame icon bestowed with undue rank. We deserve these minor contributions. We are minor. We became minor. Poor Lady Roland, inmortalized in truth, betrayed by  truth.


El Mono Jojoy (RIP or not, hopefully)

September 23, 2010

meanwhile the science educated class of bloggers foam about a PLoS paper suggesting a geophysical explanation (really ..?) for “parting” the Red Sea..(.Im serious) in Colombia, el mono jojoy, a notorious FARC mercenary was dronidized to eternity together with more than 60  of his soldier-killers  (sicarios). I mention these two facts in tandem to point to the  irrelevancy of blog-mostly scientific-commentary in its inability to engage and influence positive change elsewhere.  Life happens physically. …still and the comments, secular, religious or whatever should adress the pressing conditions which somehow are hidden to the ruling bloggheads. What is the importance of the geophysics of the parting of the red sea??Zilch. Instead Coyne, Hawks and a bunch of others dive unto the issue as it was a matter and a metter of life or death when actually el mono jojoy was. Scientists are too scared to comment on anything real. If it wasnt so tragic it would be hilarious. Which it is. Picture a group of scientists blasting at each other about the merits of peer review (which is a euphemism for gorup interest), the Red Sea parting, darwinius, creation, group selection, the f*&*^&ing  selfish gene and more, much more. How has science blogging increased understanding to solve  the tragedy of Colombia? or the tragedy of the “Pledge to america” (the GOP preposterous claim to recovery). It is a pertinent question; scientists, rather than engage in futile, inane and insane word wars (after the second comment is mosty insults)should move their energy towards solving inequality and inequity. Social chiasm is fundamentally a problem of justice and distribution of resources.   Science blogging has become a ridiculousy superflous veneer of …meaningless bs (for most)

Hitler was a closet catholic and Darwin a closet racist: please, for f#$%ks’ sake, read the literature

September 20, 2010

O f all the nonsense and ranting  circulating regarding the Popes’ visit to UK, one surges on its own merit. The question whether Hitler was a catholic and whether Nazism is a catholic (christian) based  or related nightmare . This question has arisen due to the Pope’s recrimination of atheists, which of course let all the dogs loose across the pond (the british and americans funky way of naming the Atlantic). Hitler was a madman, and whatever he ever said or did should be contemplated in this respect. On a parallel universe,, a comment on Darwins’ view of ethnicities, in the Huffpost, has been a thing of contention since my school days. Clearly Darwin was anti-slavery, but his viewsregarding people of color (sic) is a spinier subject. All I can say, people has become so quick to scandalizewith their unfactual comments. Read the literature for f@#@$ks sake !!!!(whatever that means). Furthermore, there is a reflection on D’Souza deranged new book  about Barack Huseein at  Slate, which is one of the startling examples of misrepresentations this weekend. Add the opinionator NYT piece on getting rid of all carnivorous species and will have one of the craziest unfactual days of this year (please add O’Donells dabble of witchcraft, crazy chick). Oh dont forget NOT to pray for Mr Hitchens: I hope it helps him. (I mean NOT to pray). He is not well I understand so  let the Origin follow its course and  I will NOT pray for him……..I wish I could. Get well Mr Hitchens.

Dr Coyne fished or doing an experiment?

February 21, 2010

Over at WEIT blog, Dr Coyne posted a piece from the Faking News  about Gods’ recall of species:

Im not so sure he realized what it was-a really funny prank- or he is playing games?  Was he fished or is he being cute or doing an experiment-with us-? a la Sokal.