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Secrets of the tribe. Galileo

March 3, 2011

The documentary Secrets of the tribe (2010) adresses “anthropological research” on the Yanomamo tribe(s). Brutal depiciton of the petty, shallow world of (some) anthropologists and academia. Brutal depcition of the effects of “research” on the Yanomamo people. Many are acquainted with Napoleon Chagnon, his work, his claims, counterclaims, Levi-Strauss, Lizot, Tierneys’ book (2000) and the ensuing melee. Leaving aside the discusson about the data, if can be called that, that Napoleon collected during his visits to the Y people, what stands out in this film is the disgrace befallen upon the yanomamos as “subjects” of research and Napoleon-dynamite-reference to greatness appointing himself as the Galileo of anthropology.

Chagnon according to him, shocked the world when he showed that the Yanomamo kill for women. The more the killing the more women. (survival of the meanest: this is why according to evolutionary psychs-ala Buss- girls like bad boys….)