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Nada es verdad nada es mentira, todo depende del cristal con que se mira (Campoamor)

September 26, 2010

Or where truth is what it is measured. The status of truth is, for this value of alpha, i.e:  we earth, miserable. Let me explain myself: ” Evidence for spatial variation of the fine structure constant ” by John Webb, Julian King, Michael Murphy, Victor Flambaum, Bob Carswell, Matthew Bainbridge submitted to Physical Review Letters, 24th August 2010 ( has opened a new -er-insight-in my case- to the strucure of the measurable universe and truth. The fundamental constants underlying the “Laws of Nature”  may not be the same elsewhere. Some property is changing that modifies the value of alpha.  Neat and astounding. However, I dont see this paper discussed in the US, neither at “comic variance” nor at motls-limbaughesc reference frame nor in the papers. I find it a bit shocking that consistently the press and the continental intellingentsia ignore ‘truth” when it is not locally generated. No pun intended. I have followed the group that did the work  (decade ago?) some of it done  with the chilean instalations -VTL-of  ESO,  and was wondering how was the story coming along  until this came up (the economist run a decent commentary). Someone remarked that more than one truth-that is local fine structure constants- could inevitably lead to different realities, that is different truths. Great. So much for the “laws of nature”. Veritas NoN sequitur esse rerum. Nature is no longer , well, actually it could NOT longer be that . So how  would Foucault feel? Truth no longer depends on the power structure that endorses it-the truth the knowledge. (I claim that the scientific establishment behaves in a focaulian manner, deconstructionism ?) How so? Ill tell how so: challenge the status quo and you are in for being accused of anything-from a moron to a creationist-  (funny that etymologically truth brings in the idea of faith-ful..)unless you are a well funded tenured or more than bright scientist. I read a guy that disqualified Sean B Carroll, Sean Carroll, EO Wilson, M. Nowak and Sloan Wilson the same week.  and HE IS  professor of good lineage and understanding. Lots of cojones notwithstanding.

Contrast the zero attention to this paper with  all the attention given to a NYT opinonator article advocating for the selective elimination of carnivores…gimme a break..  This reminds me of the suggestion to repopulate the heartland with megafauna. I mean, get with the program. Viva la verita.