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Dim Sum Funeral. Thats a tiger mom.

January 30, 2011

Whats the big deal about Ms Chua Tiger mom? Has anybody in this country seen “Dim Sum funeral”? Thats one tough chinese tiger mom. Maybe the movie predates rising awareness about chinese stuff.


NASA self-poison of choice: As.

December 4, 2010

In an obviously overtly exaggerated and overtly misleading media show, NASA and some of its people hyperhyped the description of an arsenic loving bacteria fished from the bottom of a lake. How can you demand knowledge accountability-to undergrads for example, to MH for example, to Glenn Beck for example-and anybody for that matter if NASA behaves in this way? I have found that in the last years, water in the moon, water in Mars and “new planets” have been grossly inflated stories. NASA has been a failure here.

On the positive: Sharon Begley wrote a very decent review in Time magazine of the status of genetic knowledge of disease. 80 % of the studies are wrong or irreproducible? I will check, but wouldnt surprise me. Plenty is wrong with scientists and medical sciences’ approach to their contributions. Diabetes medicine, osteoporosis? annoying Sally Fields advocating unsubstantiated benefits for Boniva ( I havent seen the TV ads anymore)…still out in some magazines. One of Boniva side effects: locks your jaws…..

The Pallium and the Palladium

September 28, 2010

Was reading  Deric Bownds blog regarding the evolutionary intricacies  and relationships of the worms’ pallium and the mammalian cortex. Havent read the paper yet, but the abstract is fascinating (last issue of Cell) and made 2 free associations.  1) I met Dr B post doc at Harvard boss E. Kravitz at Woods Hole this last summer. Great human.(s) !! (Dr Kravitz gave a beautiful lecture; he should be around 80? with dynamo energy and graciousness) and the second is that in the 80s I went dancing, invited by a gorgeous dutch flight attendant (she picked me up at bloomingdales’), to the Palladium (Manhattan, 14th st??). Drove up in  a limousine and in arrival were informed  it was gentlemens night. The outcome: we were about the only heterosexual couple in a sea of shirtless (even the bartender) mens’ couples. Quite strong for a teenager, but rewarding. Eveyone was definitely engaged physically: no prisoners. we had a lovely time.  I may have smoked a Pallmall-ium

Freedom(Liberty?) many crimes have been commited in thy name…

September 27, 2010

DISCLAIMER: Answering questions, I happen to LIKE Franzen. I should have said I didnt like the book; not that it sucks. Sorry. Franzen, just zeitgeist and schadenfreude

I know one for certain: Freedom by J, Franzen. Despite raving reviews of this “mythical” portrait of american life, it sucks. Which brings back the theme of this months truth and deception. The reviews could be construed as interested deception. Moreover, the sex in the book is pathetic. Oh my. another lame icon bestowed with undue rank. We deserve these minor contributions. We are minor. We became minor. Poor Lady Roland, inmortalized in truth, betrayed by  truth.

The truth is…….

September 27, 2010

KC Davis writes in Smithsonian, Oct 2010 (online) about the religious/cristian origins of this nation.-rather Puritan origin.-using the true history of religion in “america” as a handle. His conclusions are that religious discord is in the social DNA of this country and that widespread religious freedom is at odds with the historical record. Many know this, few ackmowledge this important fact which is at the core of the national sentiment-mood regarding secular education, science and treatment of catholics, mormoms and muslims ,  today. There is a profound religious  heart inthe pun.. It seems that americans (sic) at large are unable to relate to their history in a manner that would allow moving beyond it.  How long is taking for people to pass beyond basic rights.? There are state houses that still fly the ‘flag” and the fact that we live in a democracy ( a republic, beck argues) only restrains the obvious animosity towards blacks, latinos and others. and the animosities against all hings not-american.  The truth we live is not consistent with our behaviours, think O’Donnell.  Think US,epitome of capitalism, whining about jobs exports. The market has conquered the souls.