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Hitler was a closet catholic and Darwin a closet racist: please, for f#$%ks’ sake, read the literature

September 20, 2010

O f all the nonsense and ranting  circulating regarding the Popes’ visit to UK, one surges on its own merit. The question whether Hitler was a catholic and whether Nazism is a catholic (christian) based  or related nightmare . This question has arisen due to the Pope’s recrimination of atheists, which of course let all the dogs loose across the pond (the british and americans funky way of naming the Atlantic). Hitler was a madman, and whatever he ever said or did should be contemplated in this respect. On a parallel universe,, a comment on Darwins’ view of ethnicities, in the Huffpost, has been a thing of contention since my school days. Clearly Darwin was anti-slavery, but his viewsregarding people of color (sic) is a spinier subject. All I can say, people has become so quick to scandalizewith their unfactual comments. Read the literature for f@#@$ks sake !!!!(whatever that means). Furthermore, there is a reflection on D’Souza deranged new book  about Barack Huseein at  Slate, which is one of the startling examples of misrepresentations this weekend. Add the opinionator NYT piece on getting rid of all carnivorous species and will have one of the craziest unfactual days of this year (please add O’Donells dabble of witchcraft, crazy chick). Oh dont forget NOT to pray for Mr Hitchens: I hope it helps him. (I mean NOT to pray). He is not well I understand so  let the Origin follow its course and  I will NOT pray for him……..I wish I could. Get well Mr Hitchens.