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How to defeat Qaddafi according to NK: squeeze his balls.

March 3, 2011

Today in the NYT Kristof advances a solution to the war in Libya:

“But what we can do is continue to squeeze Colonel Qaddafi, show resolve and make it clear that his departure is only a matter of time”

probably Kristof is thinking in squeezing Qaddafis’ balls…that would be effective


The Arabs of the future

March 2, 2011

I am hoping violence and suffering stops in Libya and everywhere else in the Arab “world”. But I dont see how.

The absolutely horrendous job of the “world” press reporting (bunch of lies) leaves us all in total darkness. Whats going on in egypt? in the meanwhile. Obviously this is not the jasmine/twitter revolution? This is the real “world””: “Red in tooth and guns” (instead of claws).

So, how come the state department (or us for that matter) didnt read Al Jazeera? They predicted the revolts, so they claim.