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Rape, military style

December 10, 2011

Where is the outrage? I talked about this 6 months ago.

 The Guardian does an analysis of  military USA rape: America’s dirty secret Rape in the military. A female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. Lucy Broadbent reports.

so sad, violent, kept underground....


Prediction day

November 18, 2011

UPDATE: Cain will blame his wife and remain toasted. Perry is AWOL. Enjoy it why it last Newt Leroy (Newt? Leroy?)

Humans always coming up with new moves, gambits and manouevers.

Cain and Perry are toasted. Cain more than Perry. Sandusky is a pervert. Gingrich is gonna crush and burn: he wont resist the Fredie Mac deal, what a liar. He deserves Calista. Sexual assault of children is a widespread phenomenon in this society, not only circumscribed to the churches. Raping women in the military has been a cover up for a long time

Fuk Gaddafi… much for the arab spring.

October 24, 2011

Never… ever..imagined,  but we are not arabs neither they are us.

Raping Gaddafi before shooting was cultural? (if proven true)

 In other places, traitors and snitches and debtors (usually drugs and sharkloans) are sent away with a bottle (usually broken) in their rectum.

This is SO  sad and demeaning if nature, human- maybe not- wasnt more demeaned every day…

 I am frozen..with  Gaddafis’ cadaver (actually rotting in a helpless cold room). Deserved  pax americana?

 The answer is: we have no idea what goes on in the minds that US drones help.

A propos of spirited idiots. Case(s) in point: Ms Jacoby and thereof.

February 13, 2011

At her The spirited atheist column, WP, Ms Jacoby writes in “Obama is pandering to religion” (Ms Althouse , in her own wall writes and adds to the pire, commenting Maher, and proofreading Cornell West….for real …(what a delicate bouquet of dickos). Urgent: At WEIT, Dr Coyne quotes Maher-Bill- and… Althouse to claim his claim that BO is some kind of atheist. Serenely, add a pinch of salt before throwing dick Coyne to the bonfire. And hez a scientist….that is a guarantee or not of rationality, logicality)

Goes Ms Jacoby,: “In Washington, the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act” is designed to discourage insurance companies from covering abortion at all. Under the proposed law, introduced by New Jersey Republican Christopher Smith, people with tax-preferred medical savings accounts could not even use their own money to pay for an abortion without losing the tax break. The original language of this law would have narrowed exemptions for rape and incest by limiting any federal funding to oxymoronic cases of “forcible rape.” The provision was dropped after strong protests from women–including some Republican women. In a scathing episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, correspondent Kirsten Schaal distinguished between rape and assaults that are only “rapeish and “rape-esque.”
“By proposing this legislation,” Schaal said, “Republicans are finally closing the glaring rape loophole in our health care system. You’d be surprised how many drugged, underaged, or mentally handicapped young women have been gaming the system. Sorry, ladies, the free abortion ride is over.”

IT WAS A PARODY, A SKETCH, you retard.

Unbelievably believable.

Note added in proof. It gets better-actually worst: at Rationally Speaking, De Dora writes :”President Obama’s speech at the recent National Prayer Breakfast gives us a rare look into his religious beliefs. Susan Jacoby is not happy.” and Ms Jacoby cant tell what is true or not, you moron. She probably didnt even read or watch Stewarts’ show or his web broadcast. Lets wait till De Dora gets his PhD, nopefully, things may get better, for his discernment.

In the meantime the anti-retard SWAT team (from

“For the record, the belief Maher apparently holds – that Obama isn’t actually a Christian, but merely pretends to be one to keep up appearances for the sake of his political career – strikes us as one of the most cynical things anyone could possibly believe about Obama. Is it possible? Well, yes – it wouldn’t make Obama the first politician to not be entirely upfront about everything regarding his true self. But for Maher to hold the view that Obama’s not actually a Christian – a viewpoint, of course, fundamental to the “Obama’s a Muslim” school of thought Maher mocks in the very same segment you’ll see below – well, it’s a little curious.” …and stupid.

Today, post Valentin day, at Salon : “Why shooting fish in a barrel is a bad political strategy ” by
Michael Lind argues for a break in the bashing of well, all , BOs, religion as well. The bashing of the bashers included?