Jason Gay at WSJ: making sense

Often, sports’ comments at WSJ are so..right wing, if there it can be a right wing sports comment, but today:

“Another U.S. World Cup victory won’t provoke an instant soccer revolution and transform Wambach and Hope Solo into Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. (hopefully not ever) But it’s silly to consider that a letdown. This U.S. women’s team has been everything a sports fan could ask: thrilling, resilient, unselfish, successful. What’s more, they’re still playing, which is more than two of our popular-but-broken pastimes can say.”

Not bad, for a paper that diminishes everything in sports  that is not white guys playing golf. (europeans dont count) Oh and white guys playing baseball, which now is mostly played by refugees and mexicans.(and a whole bunch of central americans and venezolanos).


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